This Friday, help us spread the word as we launch the first-ever consumer label of the Fair Food Program!

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This Friday, let’s make this Food Day the first-ever Fair Food Day!

There are few food labels in the world with a history as deep — or a human rights program as remarkable — as the new Fair Food Program label, ready for its big reveal this coming Food Day, Friday, October 24th.  

Indeed, it is an image two decades in the making.  It has been twenty years since farmworkers began organizing in the streets of Immokalee for “dignity, dialogue, and a fair wage”; thirteen years since consumers across the country took a stand, side by side with farmworkers, to hold the world’s largest buyers of Florida tomatoes accountable for the farm labor exploitation in their supply chains; and four years since the CIW signed an historic agreement with Florida tomato growers to create the Fair Food Program.  And in those four short years, the Fair Food Program has transformed the Florida tomato industry from “ground zero for modern-day slavery” into what has been called, on the front page of the New York Times, “the best working environment in American agriculture.”

Today, the Fair Food Program is not only fully implemented in the Florida tomato industry, but poised for expansion to new crops and new states.  And this Friday, the moment will finally come to launch the Fair Food label, which represents a new day for farmworkers that is no longer aspirational, but now fully realized, in Florida’s tomato fields.  

We need YOUR help in spreading the word about the new label!  This Friday, the CIW will be teaming up with the award-winning “Food Chains” crew and an assortment of other food justice organizations to share the new Fair Food label on social media as a part of Food Day.  Please join us!  Here are some ways you can join the #FairFoodNation in celebrating the release of this historic label:


1. Join the Twitter Chat on Friday, 10/24

On October 24 at 12pm ET, Food Chains’ filmmakers, the Coalition of Immokalee Workers, Barry Estabrook, and the Food Chain Workers Alliance will be participating in a Twitter Chat to spread the word about farmworker justice online!

Join this chat by using the hashtag #FoodDayChat between 12-1 pm ET. Come prepared with questions for the filmmakers and the Coalition of Immokalee Workers.  Help spread the word about the #FoodDayChat by tweeting the message below:

Bring #justice to lunch! Join #FoodDayChat Oct 24 @ 12ET to discuss farmworkers #humanrights w/ @FoodChainsFilm @CIW

2.  Join the Thunderclap NOW!

Food Chains will be releasing a sneak peek clip of the film to help promote the launch of the label!  Join this Thunderclap (a collective, well-timed tweet from hundreds of Twitter accounts at once!) and be one of the first to share the label and a piece of the film on October 24th.

Sign up for the Thunderclap here:

3.  Spread the Word

On the 24th, we’re looking to make a splash with the launch of the Fair Food Program Label!  Post the messages below on October 24th. If you use a social media scheduling tool, schedule it now!  If you don’t, join the Thunderclap and it will automatically send on the 24th.

Twitter: The @FairFoodProgram Label is here! RT to join the #FairFoodNation & @FoodChainsFilm movement

Facebook: Finally! The #FairFood Program Label is here.  

When you see this label, you’ll know that the tomatoes are from farms that ensure the basic human rights of the men and women in the fields — including the right to safe working conditions free of sexual violence and forced labor — and that the workers on those farms are receiving the Fair Food Penny per Pound bonus.

SHARE this label and join us today in creating a more just food system.

@Food Chains @Coalition of Immokalee Workers

This Friday, help us make history as we launch the Fair Food label.  Join us in the social media blitz to announce the new label and make your voice heard in the movement for fundamental human rights for this country’s farmworkers.

This Friday, let’s make Food Day the first-ever Fair Food Day!  

Exclusive new clip, Oscar buzz, more… Let’s check in on “Food Chains” one month out from Nov. 21 national release!

Film industry starting to take notice as Indiewire, Awards Circuit run stories on “Food Chains” ahead of its Thanksgiving release! The theatrical release of a feature film on the Campaign for Fair Food has always seemed, quite honestly, a little surreal, but as we reach the one month mark in the countdown to its November 21st release, it’s becoming more real by the day. Above is an exclusive clip shared with the online industry blog Indiewire for a quick story on the film, presented with this introduction: With all things “organic,” “artisanal,” and “locally sourced” being among the food trends […]

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Divestment? Now there’s an interesting idea for a campaign…

The exciting new documentary “Food Chains” is having an impact even before it’s released, prompting one Berlin Film Festival goer to divest 50,000 shares in Wendy’s after seeing the film… Well this was a surprise.  And a thought-provoking one at that. This week, news reached the CIW via the “Food Chains” crew that a certain Mr. James Scurlock had written to inform them that he had decided to sell his family’s holdings in Wendy’s until the hamburger giant joins the Fair Food Program!   Apparently, Mr. Scurlock had attended the big “Food Chains” premiere in Berlin last February and was so moved by the film and the […]

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Fear and Fair cannot coexist…

Last month’s horrific massacre of student human rights activists in Guerrero serves as an awful reminder of why there will be no “Fair Food Program” in the foreseeable future of Mexico’s tomato industry… Mass graves.  Horribly disfigured corpses.  Police complicity in the ultraviolence of all-powerful drug gangs. Since 2005, stories like these have played out across Mexico’s headlines day after day, month after month, year after year.  But the details of last month’s mass killing and disappearance of student activists in the southern state of Guerrero stood out above the ever-growing body count in Mexico’s drug and corruption wars.  From a […]

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Must-see new video puts the Fair Food Program at center stage!

  New video a preview of things to come this fall as the Fair Food Program gets ready for prime time… It has been quietly taking shape in Florida’s fields for four seasons now, laying a foundation, building its track record, and reinforcing its gains.  Through the painstaking efforts of over 30,000 farmworkers, 30 farms, a dozen major retail food brands, and more than two dozen dedicated human rights defenders, the award-winning Fair Food Program has helped usher in a new day for Florida farmworkers, and in the process has reshaped an industry from “the worst to the best” workplace environment in US agriculture.   And now, the […]

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A call to a different kind of action! “Food Chains” director calls on Fair Food Nation to mobilize for film release…

Film’s national release coming up fast! As the November 21st nationwide release of “Food Chains” rapidly approaches, we are thrilled to be able to share the list of cities in which a full theatrical launch is planned (a “full theatrical launch” is when a film is screened at a proper theater for a week or more).  Thus far those cities include: English language: New York City, Los Angeles (Pasadena), San Francisco, Orlando, Tampa, Phoenix, Dallas, Houston, Washington DC, Chicago and Bonita Springs (FL), with the possibility of Miami Spanish language: Salinas (CA), Pittsburgh (CA), Bakersfield (CA) Food Chains will be released in more major cities on November 28th, including […]

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One final, unforgettable moment from last week’s CGI meetings in New York…

  In CNN interview, President Clinton calls the Fair Food Program, “brilliant,” adds, “You’ve got a success model, and you ought to put the pedal to the metal…” Last week’s ceremony at which the CIW was honored with the 2014 Clinton Global Citizen Award was a night that will not soon be forgotten.  But the three days that followed the award ceremony — the actual business end of the Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting — were every bit as exciting.  Here’s a thumbnail summary of the week from the Rev. Noelle Damico, a longtime CIW ally who witnessed the scene […]

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Hot off the digital press: A social media round-up and a beautiful new image for 21st century food justice!

Clinton Global Citizen Award sparks surge of social media about @CIW and the #FairFoodProgram… Sunday’s Clinton Global Citizen Award ceremony in New York was a truly unforgettable celebration of the remarkable progress achieved in Florida’s fields through the Fair Food Program.  Over 1,000 people squeezed into the Sheraton ballroom in Times Square for an evening line-up that included the Clinton family, Leonardo DiCaprio, Seth Myers, the Roots, Aloe Blacc, Natalie Merchant and hundreds of leading figures in the world working for social, economic, and environmental justice.  But as amazing as the scene was inside the room, the crowd outside was even more impressive.  So strong was […]

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President Bill Clinton, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton honor CIW with Global Citizen Award!

President Bill Clinton calls CIW’s Fair Food Program “the most astonishing thing politically happening in the world we’re living in today” On Sunday, September 21, 2014, President Bill Clinton and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton honored the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) for “defending the human rights of farmworkers across the United States”. The Global Citizen Award was presented to the CIW by actress and activist Eva Longoria. The CIW received the Award alongside actor Leonardo DiCaprio and Atifete Jahjaga, the President of Kosovo. President Barack Obama will also speak at the Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting. At the end […]

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The largest climate march in the history of the planet…

  CIW joins over 300,000 in People’s Climate March in advance of Clinton Global Citizen Award ceremony… As we wait for tonight’s Clinton Global Citizen Award ceremony to get underway, here is a quick dispatch from the streets of New York! This afternoon, over a dozen CIW members joined people from all over the globe — New York families, Superstorm Sandy survivors, indigenous groups, Chinese farmworkers, and everyone in between — in what is being called “the largest mobilization against climate change in the history of the planet”  Organizers estimate that a record-breaking 310,000 individuals came out to join the People’s Climate March, […]

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Lost in the flood: Two great stories on the FFP get left behind in deluge of big news…

With all the recent news surrounding the Clinton Global Citizen Award and the fast-approaching release of “Food Chains,” some stories just get lost in the flood.  However, two such stories from recent days were too good leave behind forever, so we thought we’d take advantage of this brief break in the action to reach back a couple of weeks and share them with you today. First up is a beautifully written reflection by the Editor of the Sarasota Magazine that brought you last month’s must-read article, “Fairness in the Fields: A Sarasota Organization Brings Hope and Justice to Florida’s Tomato Fields”.  The Editor’s piece is […]

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From the director’s chair: An update on the film “Food Chains”…

  See how you can organize to bring the film to your city, school, or place of worship this fall! As many readers of this site already know, the documentary Food Chains, which chronicles the CIW’s battle for Fair Food and the issue of farm labor exploitation around the country, will be opening in theaters nationwide on November 21st.  What does that mean, exactly?  Will you be able to go to your local cineplex to see Food Chains?  Will it be available on cable and iTunes and other digital media? We asked Food Chains director Sanjay Rawal to give us a brief […]

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Clinton Global Citizen award makes the headlines…

From Food Chains director Sanjay Rawal, in the Ft. Myers News-Press: “It begs this question of companies like Publix, Ahold, Kroger and Wendy’s: When hundreds of CEOs, heads of state and thought leaders are gathered to [honor the CIW and the Fair Food Program], why are you so stubbornly against progress in America’s fields?” News of the Clinton Global Initiative’s selection of the CIW to receive the 2014 Global Citizen Award — to be presented this coming Sunday at a gala ceremony in New York City — made the headlines far and wide this past weekend.  Media outlets from the Hollywood […]

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BREAKING: CIW to receive 2014 Clinton Global Citizen Award!

Clintons to honor CIW for groundbreaking impact of Fair Food Program at gala award ceremony in New York City on September 21… The news was announced on the Clinton Global Initiative website Thursday afternoon: Clinton Global Citizen Awards Established in 2007, the Clinton Global Citizen Awards embody President Bill Clinton’s call to action by honoring outstanding individuals who exemplify global citizenship through their vision and leadership. These citizens have proven that diverse sectors of society can work together successfully to devise solutions that effect positive, lasting social change. Nominated by Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) members and other global leaders, honorees are […]

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“I believe that we will win!” Youth gather in Immokalee for 2014 Encuentro…

  Boot the Braids, Food Chains documentary make #Encuentro2014 a smashing success… This past weekend, 70 students and youth from across the United States rolled into Immokalee for the Student / Farmworker Alliance’s annual Encuentro.  As always, these young leaders came to learn about the fifteen-year history of students and youth taking action with Florida farmworkers, and to write their own chapter in that extraordinary history by laying the groundwork for the season to come in the Campaign for Fair Food. Throughout the weekend, SFA’s core Fair Food activists dove headfirst into workshops, discussion groups, strategy sessions, and even a CIW theater piece, […]

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Better late than never… A Labor Day action report from the Publix AND Wendy’s fronts!

After a relatively quiet summer — punctuated, of course, by some great protests around the country — the Fair Food Nation marked the end of the season with two gorgeous, creative actions for Labor Day (yes, we know Labor Day was last weekend, but we had a busy week this past week!).  Instead of heading to the beach, farmworkers and allies packed their cars with brightly colored artwork and bullhorns, determined to celebrate the true meaning of Labor Day by recognizing the invaluable contribution of the men and women who work hard every day to put food on our tables.  Here in Florida, they gathered in Tampa for a […]

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