NEW PETITION: Call on Wendy’s CEO to commit to farmworkers’ human rights!

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International online campaign giant Avaaz takes on Wendy’s CEO Emil Brolick, slamming fast food chain’s abandonment of Florida tomato industry…

With a fresh injection of energy and momentum from last weekend’s huge Concert and Parade for Fair Food, the Wendy’s campaign is taking off!  First, the Student/Farmworker Alliance announced a nationwide student boycott of the fast-food chain (more to come on that soon).  And now, Wendy’s is feeling pressure from a brand new online petition from, the online social justice community with millions of members worldwide.  

Both of these exciting new developments come on the heels of the company’s indefensible decision to actually shift purchases away from the Florida tomato industry — called “the best working environment in American agriculture” in the New York Times thanks to the Fair Food Program and its unique model of Worker-driven Social Responsibility — to other winter tomato producers beyond the reach of the Fair Food Program’s protections.

So today we are putting out the urgent call to the whole Fair Food Nation to sign — and spread — this important new message for Wendy’s CEO Emil Brolick from


Wendy’s stands alone as the only major fast-food company that has refused to commit to the human rights advances of the Fair Food Program in its Florida tomato supply chain. What’s worse, Wendy’s has actually shifted its tomato purchases to other places beyond the reach of the FFP’s protections. We urge you to take a leadership role in bringing Wendy’s into the Fair Food Program, to pay a penny more for every pound of tomatoes picked, and commit to a zero-tolerance policy for sexual harassment, child labor, and modern-day slavery for Wendy’s Florida tomato suppliers.

The petition itself will not remain simply a digital collection, but will actually be hand-delivered to Mr. Brolick at the 2015 Wendy’s shareholders’ meeting in Dublin, Ohio.  As has been the case for the last two years, company executives and shareholders from across the nation will be joined at the annual meeting by farmworkers and their many consumer allies, calling on Wendy’s — both inside and outside the meeting — to follow the lead of all of their major competitors and join the Fair Food Program.  If you haven’t already, make sure to add your name to the list.

And if Fair Food supporters are good at anything, it’s getting the word out — so please join us in ensuring that this petition reaches all corners of the Internet!  Below are a few sample Tweets to get the ball rolling:

PLEASE SHARE: @Wendys CEO, Emil Brolick: Commit to farmworkers’ #humanrights in #Wendys supply chain!”

Add YOUR voice to the rising call for @Wendys to respect farmworkers’ rights! Sign the petition today!

NEW PETITION: Call on @Wendys CEO Emil Brolick to join the @FairFoodProgram!

Amidst the student-led boycott of the fast food chain, the rising tide of online pressure, and the flood of press after the Concert for Fair Food (stay tuned for a media round-up in the week ahead!),  Wendy’s is feeling heat from all sides.  And if the past is indeed prologue, Wendy’s can only expect the temperature to keep rising until they join the Fair Food Program!


NEW VIDEO: How much longer, Publix…

Amidst the stunning artwork and irresistible dance music, the Concert and Parade for Fair Food this past Saturday in St. Petersburg had a powerful new message for the food industry: The Fair Food Nation is not only here, but it is here to stay, and it is growing.   Last Saturday, thousands of new Fair Food allies came into the fold, joining the CIW’s celebration of the progress in Florida’s tomato fields under the Fair Food Program — the elimination of forced labor, the unprecedented strides in combatting sexual violence, the freedom to speak up about abuse without fear of retaliation, and much more. In […]

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“Food Chains” nominated for prestigious James Beard Award, hits No. 1 on iTunes on same day!

Hit documentary on Fair Food movement still making waves months after release with sixty screenings scheduled across the country for Farmworker Awareness Week and a great new article on While thousands of Fair Food activists gathered in St. Petersburg this past Saturday for the huge Parade and Concert for Fair Food — be sure to check back soon for more video and news from that unforgettable action, by the way! — the hit documentary “Food Chains” was quietly making its own news, climbing up to No. 1 on the iTunes charts and garnering a nomination for the prestigious 2015 James Beard Award for Special/Documentary.   […]

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Parade and Concert for Fair Food Photo Report: Bouncing by the Bay!

Massive march, music festival lift Campaign for Fair Food higher; Students shock the world with announcement of Wendy’s boycott! The Fair Food Nation gathered in St. Petersburg, Florida, for Saturday’s big Parade and Concert for Fair Food, and a huge dance party for justice broke out on the shores of Tampa Bay!  But before the party could get started, the Fair Food activists, who had gathered from across the country and around the state of Florida, had some business to attend to, the business of marching in the streets of St. Petersburg — one of Florida’s fastest-growing and most sophisticated cities — and taking […]

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What a day… and oh what a night!

  Largest Fair Food march in years, electrifying music festival mark joyous celebration of twenty years of struggle, progress for farmworkers in Florida! From the Tampa Bay Times:   Fair Food demonstration in St. Petersburg, FL Thousands of people paraded through downtown St. Petersburg, along Third Street S, in support of the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) and Fair Food on Saturday March 21st, 2015. The allies to farmworkers came from all over the country, including Michigan, Massachusetts, and Ohio. The group started at Bartlett Park, and paraded 3 miles to Vinoy Park. The route took participants past Wendy’s and […]

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Twitter blowing up as Fair Food activists make their way to St. Petersburg!

Excitement palpable on the verge of Parade and Concert for Fair Food… March 21st is almost here!  And the Fair Food Nation can hardly contain its excitement.  Since early this morning, when long-planned caravans from across the country struck out for Florida, the Twittersphere has been lighting up with updates from the road.  Thousands from Ohio, Washington DC, Nashville, the Northeast and right here in Florida are rolling into St. Petersburg as we write, armed with artwork and joyful energy. We could not resist sending a few of the highlights from social media as one last missive before tomorrow’s much-anticipated Parade and Concert for Fair Food.  We hope […]

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Are you ready? Parade and Concert for Fair Food just one day away!…

Workers, artists, allies putting final touches on preparations for Saturday’s huge action! The paint on the banners is drying, the artists are flying, and the floats are making their way north to St. Pete from Immokalee, as all the ingredients for the first-ever Parade and Concert for Fair Food are coming together ahead of tomorrow’s big action.  By now you’ve read all the tweets by the bands, and seen the photos of all the allies across the country preparing gorgeous protest art for the parade shared on social media: But today, on the eve of what’s shaping up to be possibly the biggest action […]

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What a buzz! Anticipation for the Parade and Concert for Fair Food is off the charts…

Less than a week out, artists and allies alike counting down for the grand Parade and Concert for Fair Food… Whether you’re hearing about this weekend’s spring action from a CIW member speaking at your church or university, or gathering with your Fair Food Committee to put the final touches on your game plan for getting to St. Petersburg, or skimming the constant chatter on Twitter and Facebook, you can feel it in the air: The Fair Food Nation is buzzing with excitement for this Saturday’s huge Parade and Concert for Fair Food!   In just a few short days, the streets of St. Petersburg will be flooded with beautiful artwork and […]

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Running from Responsibility: Wendy’s flees Florida rather than support Fair Food Program’s human rights advances…

While Fair Food Program farms in Florida continue to raise the bar for human rights in the US agricultural industry, outrageous human rights violations on farms outside the Program continue to fester. Why then has Wendy’s abandoned the Florida tomato industry altogether?  And where are they buying their tomatoes today? Last month, when consumers across the country called on Wendy’s to show farmworkers some love on Valentine’s Day and join the Fair Food Program, many Fair Food activists picked up their phones and called Wendy’s headquarters directly to express their concerns.  What they heard was a bit of a shock, to […]

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La Santa Cecilia: “Straight Outta Olvera Street”…

  If you haven’t met them yet, you need to know our second headliner for next week’s huge Concert for Fair Food! Last week we compiled a quick and dirty music/history brief on Ozomatli for you, a celebration of the inimitable LA-based band that will be headlining next week’s free Concert for Fair Food in St. Petersburg. But Ozomatli will not be headlining the Concert for Fair Food alone.  They will be joined by another Grammy-winning group from LA, the red-hot La Santa Cecilia.  And if you haven’t come across them yet, you are in for a treat! Their official bio captures the remarkable range of musical influences […]

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Help the CIW bring thousands to the Concert & Parade for Fair Food!

Paging the Fair Food Nation:  Help us raise $15,000 for 2015 spring action! 2014 was a big year for the Fair Food Program.  Really big.   The year began with the the signing of the historic Walmart agreement, bringing the world’s largest retailer into the Fair Food fold, and ended with the Fresh Market agreement, bringing the total number of participating buyers to thirteen and the total sales represented by those buyers to nearly one trillion dollars.   The Fair Food Program itself entered its fourth season in operation across more than 90% of the Florida tomato industry and began the […]

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Ozomatli, in their own words…

  The Concert for Fair Food headliners talk about their history, their views on music as a vehicle for social change, their love of live performance, and more! Earlier this week we announced the spectacular lineup for the upcoming Concert for Fair Food, a bill headlined by the two-time Grammy Award-winning band Ozomatli.  At that time we provided a quick thumbnail sketch of the band’s unique history and eclectic musical style, and promised to fill in the gaps in our profile of the LA-based group in the days ahead. And so today we are taking a closer look at Ozomatli (a […]

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Grammy-winners Ozomatli, La Santa Cecilia to headline CIW’s Concert for Fair Food!

Grammy Award-winning artists/longtime social activists set to perform at March 21st concert… In 1995, an unknown farmworker organization by the inelegant name of the Coalition of Immokalee Workers exploded onto the scene with a community-wide general strike in Immokalee, Florida.  Taking over the central parking lot in town where workers would gather before dawn in search of day labor (below, right), thousands of farmworkers came together to disrupt decades of farmworker poverty and abuse and to launch a call for “Dignity, Dialogue, and a Fair Wage.”  The struggle born that day would eventually give rise to the Campaign for Fair Food in 2001, and […]

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Bits and pieces from the Fair Food front as preparations ramp up for next month’s big action!

As we round the bend into the final month of preparations before the Parade and Concert for Fair Food, farmworkers in Immokalee and their allies around the county are keeping the pressure up in the fight for fundamental human rights in the fields!  Here below is a quick round-up of the latest news from the Fair Food front, just enough to hold you over until next week’s big reveal of the lineup of award-winning artists for the March 21 concert. Food Chains still making waves… Though the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences chose a different film to receive the Oscar for Best Documentary Feature this […]

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Wendy’s gets no love from the #FairFoodNation on Valentine’s Day…

Fair Food activists flood Wendy’s with broken-hearted selfies, calls to join the Fair Food Program! Last month, the Alliance for Fair Food (AFF) launched a call for a national Valentine’s Day Weekend of Action, demanding that Wendy’s, the final fast-food hold-out, join the award-winning Fair Food Program.  And last weekend, hundreds of members of the exciting new Alliance took the call to action to heart.  From Denver to DC, regional Fair Food Committees broke out the art supplies and unleashed their boundless creativity to make their voices heard inside Wendy’s corporate headquarters once again. The AFF did a wonderful job of compiling all the weekend’s action, and you can […]

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NOW LIVE: Concert & Parade for Fair Food website up and running…

It is that time of year again!  The scent of orange blossoms fills the air and the temperatures are rising here in Florida, while up north, the last snows of the season stubbornly ensnare the world in winter’s icy grip.  That can only mean one thing: Time for the Fair Food Nation to head south and gather with workers from Immokalee for its annual spring action! With just over one month to go before the big Concert & Parade for Fair Food, CIW members and their allies are hitting the road, crisscrossing the state and beyond — touring throughout the Northeast, across the Midwest, […]

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