Summer of Action 2001 photos

The “Summer of Action” in the Taco Bell boycott has led to more than 20 creative actions at Taco Bells across the country, and the summer is only half over! Check out some photos from a few of these actions:

July 21, 2001 Over 70 workers of all occupations (including employees of Taco Bell), ethnicity, gender, and nationalities joined the “Raise the Wage” rally in Miami, FL to both support the Taco Bell boycott and ask Senator Graham to support a $1.50 raise in the minimum wage to narrow the widening income gap that now divides the working poor from the enormous corporations that benefit from their labor.

The Miami Workers Center sends out a shout: “RAISE THE WAGE!” (7/21/01)

Don Chile joins the more than 70 demonstrators in front of the Miami Taco Bell (7/21/01)

MWC, LIFFT, CIW, ACORN, SEIU, FLOC, UPW, the HSC and the FIAC Center all present for the rally (7/21/01)

Deconstructing corporate branding (7/21/01)


July 14, 2001 Over 50 people join the demonstration in St. Petersburg, FL. As the heat blared down tiring out protestors, two Arby’s employees took the time to cross the street in solidarity to provide water for everyone.

Over 50 demonstrators remind paserbys that to eat at Taco Bell is to exploit farmworkers (7/14/01)

Three young consumers and their dog join the action (7/14/01)

Arby’s employees cross the street to bring water for demonstrators on a hot day of action (7/14/01)


June 24, 2001 Over 60 workers, students, community and religious activists converged in a protest in Tampa, FL

More than 60 consumers circle Taco Bell (6/24/01)

Protestors remind Taco Bell that all workers deserve a living wage (6/24/01)

Everyone gathers for the final rally (6/24/01)

“Queremos Taco Bell?” “NOO!” (6/24/01)


June 21, 2001Over 70 protestors joined the demonstration in Pasadena, CA organized by the Students for Social Justice at Pasadena City College (SSJPCC) and the Farmworkers Support Committee at UC Berkeley (FSCUCB).

On the picket line (6/21/01)

Young consumers join the picket line (6/21/01)

Two students shout “YO NO QUIERO TACO BELL!” (6/21/01)


June 8, 2001 A handful of allies speak about the boycott with customers and the manager of a Taco Bell in Charlottesville, VA

Taco Bell boycott hits the state of Virginia (6/8/01) 

Consumers spread the word rather than dine at a Taco Bell in Charlottesville, VA (6/8/01)


June 7, 2001 Inspired by the struggle of the workers, students from Fordham University organized a protest with over 40 demonstrators in Naples, FL

Fordham University students make the long trek from the Big Apple to march with workers in Naples, FL (6/7/01)

40 Fordham students and farmworkers in Naples, FL (6/7/01)


May 22, 2001 Over 20 students joined a demonstration in Berkeley, CA

Berkeley, CA students confront the “Tomato of Doom” (5/22/01)

Berkeley, CA students remind consumers to chose Justice over exploitation (5/22/01)


May 4, 2001 Over 20 students from the University of Wisconsin organized a demonstration in Madison, WI

MEChA students from the University of Wisconsin-Madison demand justice for Florida tomato pickers (5/4/01)