The United Methodist Church, at their General Conference in Pittsburgh last week, voted to join the boycott against Taco Bell, following the recommendations of the Committee on Church and Society. The Committee voted 99 to 4 to recommend support of the boycott. The full Conference voted 846 to 6 to support the Taco Bell boycott.

The Coalition of Immokalee Workers deeply appreciates the support of the United Methodist Church, which counts over 8 million members nationally! We also thank the strong support of the Presbyterian Church (USA) and the National Farm Workers Ministry — both long-time endorsers and active participants in the boycott — that took an leading role in presenting the campaign to the General Conference. We look forward to working with our friends in the United Methodist Church both here in Florida and across the country for a long-overdue resolution to this struggle for social justice.

We’d also like to recognize the members of Notre Dame’s Progressive Student Association, whose courageous and determined efforts to educate their Administration on the sweatshop conditions in the fields of Taco Bell’s tomato suppliers — efforts that have included over 100 students fasting over the past month — appear to be bearing fruit.