Boise State U. employee resigns over Taco Bell contract!

The campaign by BSU students to end the university’s sponsorship contract with Taco Bell is gathering steam. According to the BSU paper, The Arbiter: “Two weeks ago, (Dean) Gunderson submitted his resignation to the BSU Planning and Facilities Department. He said the choice stems from his moral difficulties with the sale of the Pavilion naming rights to a local Taco Bell franchise holding company.” See the rest of the article,” Gunderson Resigns” (10/28) by clicking here.

Mr. Gunderson’s (above, right) resignation is part of a growing wave of support for the boycott on the BSU campus. Student and faculty support is generating a great deal of pressure on BSU President Robert Kustra to justify the university’s contract with Taco Bell in light of the inhumane labor condition’s in its tomato supply chain and the fast-food giant’s refusal to take concrete, measurable steps to address those conditions.

Also, check out this strongly worded editorial from The Arbiter, “Twenty-two days of silence,” (11/1), which reads, in part: “In the last twenty-two days the Faculty Senate passed a resolution (17-2) that calls for the termination of BSU’s contractual relationship with Taco Bell. Former U.N. commissioner for Human Rights, Mary Robinson, implored BSU to return Taco Bell’s money. And a coalition of student groups have voiced strong opposition to the sale of the Pavilion’s naming rights. And in the last twenty-two days, what have we heard from President Robert Kustra? Nothing.” READ MORE OF THE EDITORIAL