Letter from Bishop Whitaker to Burger King CEO

Mr. John Chidsey, CEO
Burger King Corporate Office
5505 Blue Lagoon Drive
Miami, FL 33126

Dear Mr. Chidsey:

I am writing to encourage you to exercise your leadership to enable Burger King to enter into an agreement with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) similar to agreements made by both Yum Brands and McDonald’s Corporations.  These other corporations are now directly paying the farmworkers an additional penny per pound of tomatoes harvested and, together with the CIW, ensuring respect for farmworkers’ basic human rights.

I do not need to tell you what a difference this additional income and rights make in the lives of these hard-working persons who offer the most basic service of our society, which is providing us with food to eat.  As the Bishop of The United Methodist Church in Florida, I am very impressed with the work of CIW and Interfaith Action.  Along with other Christian communions, our Church does all we can to support these fine organizations that are doing God’s work in the world.  

I shall be praying for you and the other leaders in your corporation as you give consideration to this request from the CIW, which is a relatively small financial matter but a great matter in terms of human dignity and justice.


The Rt. Rev. Timothy Whitaker
Bishop of the Florida Conference
United Methodist Church