Groundbreaking agreement with Bon Appetit hits the headlines, blogosphere…


Here’s some of the buzz generated by this week’s announcement (photo on the right again by Kelli Stanko, Washington Post):

  • “” – “Over the past week, much attention has been focused on the “B” part of that classic U.S. sandwich, the BLT. The swine flu outbreak has quite rightly raised questions about the environemtal/public health implications of modern industrial hog production. Almost lost amid the furor was much happier news about the “T” part of the delectable lunch item…” more
  • “The Ethicurean” – “… Florida’s tomato growers have a special infernal circle reserved for them: they fought tooth and nail against a penny-a-pound increase (workers’ wages hadn’t risen in three decades), but even after their fast-food customers caved to consumer pressure and agreed to pay the increase, they have som ehow avoided passing it along to worker… I look forward to seeing [Bon Appetit] face off against the tomato growers, with possibly Whole Foods joining the cause.” more
  • “La Vida Locavore” – “… I’ve long been in awe of the excellent, continued campaign run by the Coalition of Immokalee Workers, the group representing the workers in Florida’s tomato fields… I honestly cannot even imagine the hell those workers live through every single day of their lives. My friend Jim Goodman joined a delegation that visited Immokalee earlier this year and he posted his comments along with some photos here. The trip REALLY affected him, which makes me think that as serious as I take this issue, I STILL underestimate the severity of the workers’ situation… Congrats to Bon Appetit for their strong moral stance and to the Immokalee workers for their victory. And shame on any company that does not do the same.” more
  • “The Daily Table” – “… While many people think the sustainable food movement has solely to do with food, environment, and processing, a large part is fair treatment for workers. Bon Appétit, along with stores like Whole Foods and others, are starting to work this idea of fair treatment into their philosophies.” more
  • Ft. Myers News-Press – “First, the Coalition of Immokalee Workers took on fast food. Then came natural food. Now, it’s targeting campus and corporate food, with a powerful new ally pledging support – and dollars – to the group’s Campaign for Fair Food…” more

Stay tuned for more news as the Campaign for Fair Food continues to gather momentum!