CIW, Verite announce partnership to implement, monitor Fair Food agreements with participating growers this season!

Verite “promotes and monitors fair labor practices across the globe,” work includes efforts to address forced labor on West African cocoa plantations…

Gerardo Reyes of the CIW on the partnership:

“These developments are truly unprecedented. Through the Campaign for Fair Food, we are moving, step by step, toward a more modern, more humane tomato industry in Florida. And together with Verite, we are working this season to develop and test the standards and procedures that will ensure that those changes are real and measurable.

Change of this magnitude is never easy, but we — the CIW, the participating growers, and our retail food partners — are determined, as the saying goes, ‘to make the road by walking’ and it is good to have someone with us like Verite, who has been down this road before.”

See the full press release here.