Supermarket Week of Action makes it clear…

… the time for Fair Food is here!

The results are in, and the Supermarket Week of Action was officially HUGE! With almost 30 actions across the country, Fair Food activists from Massachusetts to California have sent the supermarket industry a message they can’t mistake: It is time to join the Fair Food Program. The longer you wait, the stronger the Campaign for Fair Food gets!

Pictured above are protesters from the Boston area gathered outside a Trader Joe’s in Brookline, MA. Here below is a first-hand report from the action:

“We had 45-50 people, including members of two different Jewish congregations (Dorshei Tzedek and Temple Hillel B’nai Torah), students from Boston College and Northeastern, and members of the Jewish Labor Council and SEIU.

We did a small delegation inside to the manager, and when he realized who we were he said that he would only talk to us outside, and basically just repeated what they said about how they’re already doing it, how they’re paying the 3¢/lb. which is “more than what the CIW is asking.” When I called him out on the fact that it was a different premium because they’re a different type of tomatoes, he sort of stumbled and said that we should look at the website, to which Rabbi Penzner said that we’d all seen the website, but that we weren’t satisfied with its content. After that he sort of stumbled and repeated himself several times: check the website, contact TJ’s directly, etc. Basically, though, once they’re confronted with the facts, they don’t know how to respond.

Overall, it was very successful here on what was probably the coolest afternoon yet this Fall. Hope others are going well, too!”

Others went quite well, indeed. In Washington, DC, members of DC Fair Food gathered signatures on a petition that read: “Trader Joe’s: We the People demand Fair Food! Sign with the CIW”. They also put together a great short video of the action:

While here in Florida, eleven Gainesville area clergy joined with local Fair Food activists for an action that was highlighted by another successful pray-in at the Publix produce aisle! Here, below, is a photo of the pray-in, before the clergy were ordered to leave (photo by Renée Hoffinger):

And here’s their report:

“We had a successful pray-in at the Publix in the Millhopper Shopping Center in Gainesville this afternoon.

At 3:30 we all assembled in the produce section and began a short prayer service, using an expanded version of Brian McLaren’s prayer, each one reading a section.

We left singing “Justice is a-comin”.

As we left, I presented an assistant manager with a copy of the letter to Publix signed by 24 Gainesville clergy.

We held a brief service of reflection at St. Michael’s Episcopal Church, across the street, with Rev. Eve MacMaster (Emmanuel Mennonite), Rev. Jack Donovan (Highlands Presbyterian), Kimberly Hunter (IAIJ), and Rabbi Michael Joseph (Shir Shalom).

While we were praying in the store, IAIJ members were holding banners on the sidewalk at the main entrance to the shopping center. They joined us for the closing exercise at St. Michael’s.”

You can see more pictures from other actions across the country by clicking here.

And check back soon for more on an extremely active and exciting couple of weeks in the Campaign for Fair Food!

And this just in!… Looks like they had a great action in Louisville, KY, at the opening of a new Trader Joe’s there this weekend. Let’s go to the tape!: