NE Tour rolls into Philly, NYC, bringing the fight to Giant, Stop & Shop, and Chipotle!

See the big weekend updates here and here

Two huge days of action means four exciting protests, two big photo reports, and a bunch of media links. So, grab a seat and settle in for a double shot of Campaign for Fair Food news!

Philly Photo Update New York Photo Update

And for just a taste of the weekend’s action before you head over to the reports, have a look at the letter delivered by representatives of ten U Penn student organizations to the manager of the Chipotle restaurant on their campus (cue the theme song to this seminal battle in the Campaign for Fair Food… ok, well, there was no theme song, but you get the idea):

“We, the undersigned student groups of the University of Pennsylvania wish to express our deep concern with Chipotle’s refusal to sign the Fair Food Agreement with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers. We call on Chipotle to live up to its image of “food with integrity” by signing onto the Fair Food Agreement.

Chipotle has built its 1163 stores and $2.27 billion revenue on its image of serving
“Food with Integrity.” They claim to focus on ensuring the products they use “are
grown, made and shipped without exploiting people.” Yet they refuse to sign a Fair Food Agreement with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers and put an end to injustices in their tomato supply chain. Chipotle clings to a go-it-alone approach that lacks transparency, rejects worker participation and, most of all, demonstrates no lasting commitment to upholding the rights of farmworkers. The steps the company claims to be taking fall far short of the substantive, verifiable and enforceable standards that other companies have embraced, consumers have come to expect, and the situation requires.

As students of the University of Pennsylvania and consumers, we call on Chipotle in the spirit of “food with integrity” to show its support for the integrity of farmworkers by signing the Fair Food Agreement.


University of Pennsylvania students and undersigned groups

Penn Alternate Spring Fling
Penn Haven Housing Co-op
Penn Vegan Society
Penn Boycott Divestment Sanctions
Penn Community Against Mountaintop Removal
Penn Student Labor Action Project
Penn Consciousness Club
Re:Thinking Queer at Penn”

Now go check out the photo reports — Philly and New York — and check back soon for more from the Tour and #8 in the Top Ten List of Falsehoods, Fibs, and Fabrications in Chipotle’s Answer to a Customer’s Email about the Campaign for Fair Food!