Recipe for Change

Recipe for Change: International Justice Mission unveils new justice campaign in partnership with the CIW to “push major supermarket chains” to support the Fair Food Program!

International Justice Mission (IJM), a faith-based human rights organization dedicated to ending “violence against the poor” around the globe, launched a new campaign this past 4th of July right here at home in support of the CIW’s Campaign for Fair Food entitled Recipe for Change.

For those of you not yet familiar with IJM, here is an excerpt from their website that should give you a pretty good idea of who they are:

Core Commitments

In the tradition of heroic Christian leaders like abolitionist William Wilberforce and transformational leaders like Mother Teresa and Martin Luther King, Jr., IJM’s staff stand against violent oppression in response to the Bible’s call to justice (Isaiah 1:17): Seek justice, rescue the oppressed, defend the orphan, plead for the widow.

IJM seeks to restore to victims of oppression the things that God intends for them: their lives, their liberty, their dignity, the fruits of their labor. By defending and protecting individual human rights, IJM seeks to engender hope and transformation for those it serves and restore a witness of courage in places of oppressive violence. IJM helps victims of oppression regardless of their religion, ethnicity, or gender. read more

In keeping with those Core Commitments, IJM has put together a unique new campaign to help encourage supermarket leaders like Publix, Kroger, Ahold, and Walmart to join the Fair Food Program and do their part to make real, sustainable justice for farmworkers possible. And IJM’s efforts have caught the attention of some of the leading figures of the food justice movement, including NY Times food writer Mark Bittman and best selling author Michael Pollan, who have contributed their favorite tomato recipes to the Recipe for Change website to add a little spice to the campaign!

You can be part of IJM’s exciting new campaign by visiting their website today, where you’ll find several great ways to take action, including:

So check out the Recipe for Change website today, and join tens of thousands of other lovers of justice across the country and around the globe in calling on the supermarket industry to step up and support the Fair Food Program today!