What are you doing — for workers — this Labor Day?…

Join the Publix Labor Day of Action this weekend and take a stand for farmworkers’ rights!

In Homestead, Florida, a delegation of farmworker women and their children will be visiting a local Publix to convey their support for the CIW’s Fair Food Program. In Miami, a student delegation, led by the new Student/Farmworker Alliance chapter at Florida International University, will deliver letters penned and signed by individual students and campus organizations calling on Publix to do its part for Fair Food. In Gainesville, three different congregations are planning manager delegations over Labor Day weekend, launching a program they are calling “Adopt-a-Publix,” where congregations adopt their nearest store in order to visit management, organize pickets, and offer their prayers for farm labor justice in the company’s tomato supply chain.

Meanwhile, in Atlanta, Georgia, Emory University students are organizing an action this weekend (Publix’s Charlie Jenkins sits on the board of Emory University, just by the way…). And in Knoxville, Tennessee, they are planning a protest at the newest Publix store opened there on the very edge of the Florida-based grocery giant’s market.

Those are just a few of the actions planned for this weekend. What are you doing this weekend to support farmworkers rights?

Click here to learn more about the upcoming Publix Labor Day of Action and how you can do your part to bring the Fair Food Program to the workers who pick Publix’s tomatoes!