More Chipotle agreement coverage as the blogosphere weighs in…

“As business after business recognizes the worth of this agreement, perhaps it will inspire even more to follow suit.”

Last week’s agreement with Chipotle struck a very large nerve in the country’s food movement, driving coverage and commentary on the news throughout the extensive world of food blogs and food industry news outlets. There are a lot of stories to catch up on, so, without further ado, here is your Chipotle agreement media round-up, part two, with all the links and an occasional excerpt:

Oct. 5th

Democracy Now: “Chipotle Signs Fair Food Agreement with Coalition of Immokalee Workers”

Huffington Post: “Chipotle, CIW Finally Reach Accord to Support Florida Tomato Pickers’ Right” “Chipotle Signs Contract with Coalition of Immokalee Workers”

“While any time would be a good time for Chipotle to sign on with the CIW’s Fair Food Program, the timing of this agreement is especially visceral in that it comes right before the onset of the winter growing season when most of the tomatoes used in the United States start coming from Florida’s vast tomato farms. While the impact of Chipotle’s induction into the program remains to be seen, any chance to shine a light on this issue, improve the lives of farm workers, and elevate the industry as a whole is immensely valuable. As business after business recognizes the worth of this agreement, perhaps it will inspire even more to follow suit.” read more “Now With More Integrity — Chipotle Signs on to the Coalition of Immokalee Workers’ Fair Food Program”

“In a world where change comes slowly and deals are often made by powerful players behind closed doors, the Coalition of Immokalee Workers’ successes are a bright shining light, proof that people — and corporations — can make real progress toward a more truly sustainable future.” read more “Finally! Chipotle Signs Deal to Pay Tomato Pickers More” “Your Burrito Just Got More Ethical: Chipotle Commits to Fair Wages for Farmworkers”

“… Chipotle’s decision comes just in time: Winter months are prime tomato-growing season in Florida, where most of the nation’s tomatoes are grown. For farmworkers there who toil in substandard conditions, this is a step forward on a slow path toward a fair food system for all.” read more “Another Win for Fair Farming! Chipotle Sidles up to the Coalition for Immokalee Workers!” “Chipotle Signs Fair Wage Labor Agreement with Florida Tomato Pickers”

Oct. 6th “Chef Jose Duarte and Taranta Staff at Starchefs ICC2012 Congress”

“We believe that as restaurant professionals this is exactly our job. There is no food without farmworkers and there is no sustainable food without fair treatment of farmworkers. This is a human rights issue that is much affected by how we act within our industry. We would like to believe that our efforts sharing this story with the chef community has paid off. On Thursday afternoon Chipotle chairman Steve Ells signed the Fair Food Agreement with representatives of the CIW. We are happy that such an important company in our industry is now an ally in this cause. The battle is far from over but this week has showed great strides.” – Chef Jose Duarte read more

Oct. 7th “Chipotle Signs Agreement with CIW to Join Fair Food Program” “Stop & Shop: Please Work with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers”

“Hopefully many of you in the New England area, especially those of you who are food bloggers, or just concerned people, will make your voices heard to Stop + Shop.

Those of you who live in places where the other targeted supermarkets are located, please do the same. We can make a difference if we all act together.” read more