Carry on Dr. King’s legacy this Labor Day by marching for farmworker justice!

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This weekend, don’t forget to tell Publix that it’s time to join the Fair Food Program!

Yesterday marked the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington, a march that has rightly gone down in history as one of the greatest actions for social justice of the 20th century.  Much was written about the march over the past several days (one excellent piece from the New York Times on the “Lasting Power of Dr. King’s Dream Speech” really is a must read), including many reflections on how far the country has come, or has left to go, in the area of racial justice.  

But lost in much of the coverage was the fact that the massive gathering in Washington was called the “March for Jobs and Freedom,” and the marchers’ demand for economic justice was every bit as urgent as their call for racial equality.  And while there is an argument to be made that we as a nation have made progress — incomplete as it may be — on racial injustice since the time of Jim Crow, it is much harder to make the case that we have made any significant economic progress — if any  at all — since Dr. King told us about his dream.  Wealth inequality is at an all time high, and more Americans live in poverty today, or teeter on the edge in a demoralizing state of insecurity, than ever before in the modern history of the country.  

So this weekend, what better way to celebrate Labor Day — and to honor the legacy of 1963’s March on Washington — than to return to the streets and demand economic justice for some of this country’s hardest working laborers, Florida’s farmworkers?  What better way, indeed, than to join us for the big Labor Day Weekend of Action!

Accordingly, we here in Immokalee kicked off the action bright and early this morning in Venice at the opening of a brand new Publix — and we hope you can join the CIW women’s group and other allies at upcoming actions this weekend! Here is the updated list of actions:

FORT MYERS:  Sat., August 31st at 10 AM at the University Commons Publix, (13401 Summerlin Rd., across from Edison College)
SARASOTA:  Sat., August 31st at 2 PM at the Bay Street Publix (2031 Bay St., south of the 41 & 301 intersection)
TAMPA:  Sat., August 31st at 7 PM – Publix at Gandy Shopping Center (3615 Gandy Blvd) 
ORLANDO:  Sun., September 1st at 2 PM at the Lake Eola Publix (400 E. Central Blvd)
TALLAHASSEE: Sun., September 1st at 1 PM at the Ocala Corners Publix (800 Ocala Rd)
TREASURE COAST: Mon., Sept. 2nd at 11 AM at Publix at Downtown Stuart Shopping Center (746 SW Federal Hwy in Stuart, FL)
Planning on your own action? Don’t forget to send along your photos at workers (at)!  
Let us continue the march toward economic justice that Dr. King and the 250,000 brave marchers gathered in Washington started 50 years ago yesterday.  Their struggle continues today in thousands of people’s movements across the country and across the globe, from rural farmers in Haiti fighting for survival to farmworkers in Florida fighting for a fairer food system.  Join us this weekend as we honor that historic march in calling on Publix to join the Fair Food Program, the most effective program for advancing farmworkers’ human rights in the country today!