Fair Food nation calling on Wendy’s to end the hypocrisy with “Founder’s Week” protests!

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Allies in cities across the country will be taking action at local Wendy’s restaurants the week of Nov. 11 (click here for the full schedule!), calling on Wendy’s to live up to the values espoused by its late founder, Dave Thomas…

The above is a poster designed by members of Ohio Fair Food mobilizing for the centerpiece action of November’s “Founder’s Week” actions.

No corporation is a person, despite the convoluted legal logic that gave us the Citizens United decision.  People love their children, mourn their dead, and laugh until they cry.  But that doesn’t mean corporations don’t have personalities.  Every company has a slightly different internal culture, a distinct way of being as an organization of people, and most companies have certain traditions that they believe help pass on the values and core beliefs that have made their company a success. Wendy’s is no exception.  

On its corporate website, Wendy’s describes a tradition unique to the hamburger giant’s company culture:

Founder’s Week:  Once a year, we celebrate Founder’s Week across the entire Company. Activities are planned in different locations to celebrate Wendy’s traditions, our history and culture, and to renew our commitment to Wendy’s heritage and our values as an organization.

In a posting found at a DC area Wendy’s, those values are spelled out in more detail:

 Wendy’s will celebrate Founder’s Week each November in remembrance of all the good things Dave did during his lifetime and in a very special way keep his legacy near to the hearts of our employees and guests.  Dave left us an incredible legacy — this company.  He started with  dream and determination to make a better hamburger.  As he built the company he created a strong culture that shapes virtually everything we do.  As a Wendy’s employee Dave’s legacy is your heritage!
Therefore…  We, the undersigned, pledge ourselves to live Dave’s Legacies:
– Quality is our Recipe
– Just Be Nice
– Do the Right Thing
– Profit Means Growth
– Give Something Back
But the Fair Food nation — with a strong push from the Student/Farmworker Alliance, the student and youth organization born in the wildly successful Boot the Bell Campaign, a pivotal strategy of the seminal Taco Bell boycott — has its own plans for Founder’s Week this year.  From an email on the upcoming action:

All across the nation, cities and Fair Food groups will be organizing actions throughout the week – including letter deliveries, marches, and protests to highlight the fact that Dave Thomas’ values stand in stark contradiction to Wendy’s current refusal to join the Fair Food Program. There are already actions planned in over a dozen cities nationwide – from D.C. to Columbus, OH – sending the message that Wendy’s rejection of a verifiable solution to ensure human rights for farmworkers undermines the values the company espouses. 

Each day, one of the Founder’s values will be updated to reflect the reality of Wendy’s unconscionable decision to turn its back on the Fair Food Program, with the updated version promoted via social media:

 – Quality is our Recipe –> Inequality is our Recipe 

– Just Be Nice –> Justice would be nice
– Do the Right Thing –> Do the Right Thing and Join the Fair Food Program
– Profit Means Growth –> People over Profit
– Give Something Back –> Give a Penny Back  
There will actions across the country, including a major action in Columbus and a regional convergence in DC, where Fair Food activists will be marching from the White House to a nearby Wendy’s restaurant.

Don’t miss out on the action!  Help us remind Wendy’s that farmworkers are people too.  If you would like to join a protest in your community, or organize one yourself, email us at natali@sfalliance.org and and learn more about the big November Founder’s Week actions.