Hundreds of Walk Free members call Wendy’s CEO Emil Brolick in wake of big Dublin march!

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Callers demand farm labor justice from Wendy’s CEO who helped get the Fair Food ball rolling back in 2005 at Taco Bell…

Walk Free, the international anti-slavery organization that earlier this year raised over 400,000 emails to Publix CEO Ed Crenshaw calling on Publix to support the Fair Food Program, has turned its attention to Wendy’s.  Hot on the heels of last week’s big march on Wendy’s headquarters in Dublin, Ohio, scores of Walk Free members picked up the phone and called Wendy’s CEO Emil Brolick to demand Fair Food from the fast-food leader.


Walk Free sent along some of the reports from its members following their calls, and here below is a quick sample:

“The woman I spoke with was very sympathetic to the cause and said she understands the situation and would be happy to pass along my message of support for the Fair Food Program.  She was aware of the demonstrations.  She seemed quite supportive.”

“It went well, or at least I spoke to a person that took my comments in regard to Wendy’s joining the Fair Food Program.  I did emphasize that it is the worker at the bottom that gives value to the top.  Without someone producing what a business sells, there’s no profit.”

“I spoke to a woman in customer service who told me she would deliver the message about joining the Fair Food Program.   I stated that slavery does happen in this country and that all of us can help to end it by supporting the Fair Food Program.  She was polite… I hope this will make a difference!”

“I gave the message to an assistant, asking that she give it to Mr. Brolick.  I told her that how workers are treated in the tomato fields matters very much to me and affects whether I will do business with Wendy’s.  She promised to deliver my message as requested.”

“I called and was transferred to customer service.  I let her know that I wanted Mr. Brolick’s office.  She insisted she would let him know.  I asked if she was going to tell him all that I had to say.  She said she would tell him I called.  She said you are calling about the tomato pickers, I said yes.  Then she said she would tell him I called.  Ended with a thank you.”

Walk Free sent dozens and dozens of reports like these, all indicating that Wendy’s got quite an earful from its customers on its refusal to step up the fast-food industry human rights standards for the farmworkers who pick their tomatoes.


Thanks go out to all the callers and to Walk Free for everything they have done — and continue to do — for the Fair Food cause!