Twitter blowing up as Fair Food activists make their way to St. Petersburg!

[hupso title=”Highlights from #FairFoodNation on their way down to Parade & Concert for Fair Food!” url=””]


Excitement palpable on the verge of Parade and Concert for Fair Food…

March 21st is almost here!  And the Fair Food Nation can hardly contain its excitement.  Since early this morning, when long-planned caravans from across the country struck out for Florida, the Twittersphere has been lighting up with updates from the road.  Thousands from Ohio, Washington DC, Nashville, the Northeast and right here in Florida are rolling into St. Petersburg as we write, armed with artwork and joyful energy.

We could not resist sending a few of the highlights from social media as one last missive before tomorrow’s much-anticipated Parade and Concert for Fair Food.  We hope to see you there in person tomorrow!