NEW VIDEO: Worker-driven Social Responsibility Network publishes video on WSR as model continues to grow in U.S., internationally!

Hope for a better year ahead for low-wage workers…

Following a tumultuous 2017, a weary world turns its eyes toward the year ahead and ponders what new trials and tremors await us in 2018.  But one unlikely sector — low-wage workers laboring in industries across the world, from the agricultural fields of the U.S. to the textile and electronics factories of Southeast Asia — has cause to look to the future with fresh hope and anticipation.  That’s because an exciting new paradigm for protecting workers’ fundamental human rights at the base of global supply chains, Worker-driven Social Responsibility (WSR), has been proven to work in some of the world’s toughest labor environments and is poised to expand and bring meaningful change to many more fields and factories in the years to come.

The Worker-driven Social Responsibility Network traces the creation of the WSR model in a brand-new video (above), starting with its emergence as a powerful force for change in “a landscape that had really been defined by a set of broken promises to workers around the globe.”  The video goes on to highlight the success of WSR programs across the world, starting with the Bangladesh Accords in the textile industry of Bangladesh, moving to the brand-new Milk with Dignity Program in Vermont, and ending with the birthplace of the model right here in Florida with the award-winning Fair Food Program.  The video features many of the Network’s key members, including the CIW, the Worker Rights Consortium, Migrant Justice, the Bangladesh Center for Worker Solidarity, the Fair Food Standards Council, and the National Economic and Social Rights Initiative.  The mission of the WSR Network is embodied by the testimony of Migrant Justice’s Enrique Balcazar: 

“In the search of models that really work for workers, that give a voice to workers, we learned about the CIW… and we started doing worker exchanges… It opened our eyes, and allowed us to say this is the path we want… we are going to adapt and adopt this model.”

Make sure to take just three minutes out of your day to watch this excellent new video about the Worker-driven Social Responsibility model and the growing WSR Network, and share it far and wide with your own networks on social media!