Compass Group USA highlights Fair Food partnership at Restaurant Associate’s Innovation Summit!

Today, we bring you a quick and exciting update from the Fair Food label front!

This past Friday and Saturday, inside New York City’s historic Prince George Ballroom, the Fair Food Program was on display at Restaurant Associate’s Innovation Summit, organized by one of the Fair Food Program’s participating buyers, Compass Group U.S.A.  Building on years of internal education with the company’s employees and chefs on the FFP’s unique power to protect farmworkers’ rights and dignity in their suppliers’ operations, Compass Group showcased the Program as one of its premier social responsibility initiatives among what Restaurant Associates (RA) calls “the latest and greatest innovations in food, beverage, wellness, sustainability, technology, space design, and event catering.”

Marc Scheuer, VP of Culinary for RA, was one of Compass Group’s many recent visitors to Immokalee, where he learned the history of the Fair Food Program and was deeply motivated to bring the Fair Food story to as many people as he could, including the over 250 clients attending this Summit. Christian Duncan, chef for the World Bank, created a dish called the Coalition Meringue, which was served in the middle of the gathering to hundreds of attendees who, in addition to enjoying a delicious dish, were inspired by the story behind the food they serve in their own cafeterias. The display also featured our newly-released animated video about the Fair Food Program and the conditions that farmworkers still face around the country today (which, if you haven’t seen it for yourself yet, and shared it widely, make sure to watch it here!)

FFP representatives spent two days telling clients – ranging from hospitals to famous chefs – about the history, impact and promise of Fair Food. All were proud to hear that they were using Fair Food Program tomatoes and walked away excited to share that story with the thousands of consumers they serve every day. As the Fair Food Program continues to expand to new crops and new states, the story of Fair Food, encapsulated by the label, is reaching more and more customers of Participating Buyers, thanks to the enthusiasm and creativity of companies like Compass Group.

Make sure to keep an eye out for the beautiful Fair Food label, which will continue to spread across more produce aisles, restaurant windows, and chef stations across the country in the years ahead!