Get on the bus! 4 for Fair Food Tour caravans are popping up from coast to coast!

UNC Chapel Hill students march to demand the removal of Wendy’s from their campus in support of the national Wendy’s Boycott (November 2018).

Make sure to sign up for your seat on the caravan nearest to you to join the CIW in Ohio or Florida during the 4 for Fair Food Tour…

Plans are well underway – both in Immokalee and across the nation – for the 4 for Fair Food Tour, when farmworkers will be traversing the country to visit the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Ohio State University in Columbus, and the University of Florida in Gainesville!  Already, the call for Wendy’s to put human rights on the menu instead of cheap “4 for $4” deals is building along the tour route – and allies from across the Fair Food Nation are getting ready to converge on Ohio and Florida for the two main actions.  Today, we bring you a few brief but important logistical updates, including the burgeoning caravan list, where you can go to get registered, and the brand-new tour website!

If you are planning to head to Columbus on March 8 or Gainesville on March 14, you can now make it official by registering today on the brand-new registration page!

Register here for the 4 for Fair Food Tour!

You can check out everything you need to know for the tour – the route, contacts for each city, and more! – over at the brand-new tour website!

Wondering who’s already signed up from your city?  Here’s the first wave of caravans from communities that have started organizing to fill up buses, vans and cars from their hometowns to make sure that every ally who wants to march alongside farmworkers during the tour can make it:

Philadelphia/DC bus to Columbus

Philadelphia, PA: Natalia Naranjo,
Nova Friedman,
Izzy Moody,
Washington D.C.: Ben O’Hara, 

New York/New Jersey bus to Columbus

New York, NY: Alexis Fisher,
Montclair, NJ: Gold Carson,
Greg Pason,

Northeast bus to Columbus

Providence, RI: Nora Lawrence,
Nico Page,
Boston and Amherst, MA: Jordan Lake,
Ilina Ghosh,
Patricia Murphy,

Chicago bus to Columbus

Chicago, IL: Tali Ginsburg,

Nashville Caravan to Columbus

Nashville, TN: Jacob Huff,;
Charlotte Pate,

Pittsburgh caravan to Columbus

Pittsburgh, PA: Pat Miller Gambl, 

Pacific Northwest mobilization to Columbus

Washington State: Megan Quinones, 

Georgia Mobilization to Gainesville

Atlanta, GA:  Tali Ginsburg,

Detroit/Central Michigan mobilization to Ann Arbor

Detroit: Alex Garay,

We look forward to seeing you there!  And as always, if you’re ready to take action right now to support the tour, here’s what you can do: