Why sustain Fair Food? Allies, farmworkers and Fair Food Sustainers have their say!

During this week’s Sustainer Drive, we have examined the Fair Food movement from multiple angles: the inner workings of the Fair Food Program’s mechanisms and enforcement power; the boundless promise of the Worker-driven Social Responsibility model for workers in other industries; the ever-growing Campaign for Fair Food; and of course, the impact of the program in the lives of workers themselves. 

Pulling back to look at the Fair Food mosaic as a whole, one thing becomes abundantly clear:  Despite all the unprecedented progress we have made in fighting for fundamental human rights in the fields, there is still much to be done.  How can you help us tackle the work that lies ahead?  Become a Fair Food Sustainer today, and every single dollar you donate each month will go to the hard work of making human rights real – and to expanding those rights to more and more workers – every week, every month, every year.

And remember:  This week, a generous Sustainer has gone above and beyond by offering a matching donation of up to $5,000 for any of the sustaining donations that we get this week!  Don’t miss the opportunity to make your sustaining donation count double.

Today, we hand the mic over to the women and men who have turned inspiration into action over the past two decades.  We want to share the stories and wisdom of students and young people, community and faith leaders, and of course, farmworkers, who are the real-life, everyday champions of the Fair Food movement.

Feeling inspired?  Head over to the Fair Food Sustainer page and sign up today!