ACTION ALERT! SFA leaders declare Wendy’s Boycott National Day of Action on October 28th!

October 28th: From Miami to Washington, fair food allies are demanding that Wendy’s respect the rights of farmworkers!

A week ago, we brought you the beautiful photo report from the Student/Farmworker Alliance’s 2019 annual Encuentro convening, a long weekend of strategy and community-building that sparked exciting plans to ramp up student action in the Wendy’s Boycott this fall, starting with a National Day of Action on October 28th!

In case your ears perked up at the sound of a national day of protest, we’ve got what you need to get in on the action!  Straight from the Student/Farmworker Alliance website, here is everything you need to know in order to join allies from coast to coast in taking the Wendy’s Boycott to the streets next week:

… As Wendy’s latest attempts to distract consumers from its faulty human rights record — such as releasing a hopeless tabletop RPG and $20 million breakfast menu for 2020 — flounder in the face of an ever-growing movement for Fair Food, young consumers are rising up to show the fast-food company what’s actually important to us. Hint: There are no imaginary salty queens or beef warriors involved.

What’s at stake in this campaign is affording real, verifiable human rights protections to tens of thousands of real people. Wendy’s, young consumers have no interest in wasting time with fantasy games when the farmworkers in your supply chain toil without enforced protections against sexual assault, discrimination, wage theft and slavery. For over five years, the CIW has been calling on Wendy’s to take responsibility for ending the generational poverty and rampant sexual assault that continues unabated on farms outside of the Fair Food Program. Join us in letting Wendy’s leaders know that we won’t rest until they sign a Fair Food Agreement and truly guarantee farmworkers’ human rights!

Momentum is already building for escalated action against Wendy’s. As a powerful, national network of conscious consumers, the National Day of Action will help set the stage for the next major Wendy’s mobilization in NYC three weeks later on Nov. 18 outside the offices of Wendy’s Board Chair.  On October 28th, we need you and every member of the Fair Food Nation to join us in the streets to let Wendy’s leaders know that we won’t rest until they sign a Fair Food Agreement and truly guarantee farmworkers’ human rights.

Are you ready to plan an action on your campus or in your community on October 28? Hit us up and check out SFA’s online action toolkit, which includes guides on how to organizing a creative action, materials to print, social media graphics, and more! Reach out to Maria at or 208-631-8925 for support in action planning or to get linked up with other Fair Food allies in your area.