MUST-SEE new video celebrates two years of Milk with Dignity!

New video celebrates two years of groundbreaking change for workers in Vermont dairy industry, as Migrant Justice looks ahead to its next big campaign…

Two years ago, a landmark agreement between Migrant Justice, a human rights organization based in Vermont’s farmworker community, and Ben & Jerry’s, the iconic ice cream brand, was announced on the front page of the New York Times.  The announcement marked the official launch of the Milk with Dignity Program, the product of years of hard work by Migrant Justice, organizing with workers on farms spread out across the state of Vermont and with consumers throughout the Northeast.  The Milk with Dignity Program was also the product of an exciting partnership between Migrant Justice and the Coalition of Immokalee Workers, a collaboration that resulted in the first replication of the CIW’s pioneering Fair Food Program and a significant expansion of the broader Worker-driven Social Responsibility model.

Today, Migrant Justice is celebrating two years of unprecedented progress in the Vermont dairy industry with an excellent new video (above) documenting the changes achieved for workers on over 70 farms.  Here, below, is an excerpt from the Migrant Justice website announcing the video.  Enjoy the new video, and be sure to check back soon to learn more about Migrant Justice’s big new campaign!

Milk with Dignity turns two – and launches a new campaign!

On October 3rd, 2017 farmworkers in Vermont made history by signing the first ever Milk with Dignity agreement with global ice cream maker Ben & Jerry’s. The company committed to source its milk from farms that comply with a comprehensive, worker-authored code of conduct. Ben & Jerry’s pays a premium to participating farms, Migrant Justice educates workers on their rights in the program, and a third-party auditor ensures farms’ compliance.

Today we are proud to release a powerful new video, featuring interviews with dairy workers across the state on farms covered by the Milk with Dignity program.  In the video the workers narrate the stark changes experienced in their living and working conditions, as well as the dignity they feel knowing that their rights are being protected by a program that they themselves have created.

And on October 3rd, we will be celebrating the two year anniversary of the program – and taking action to expand the program. Join farmworkers from around the state to launch the next Milk with Dignity campaign!