Category: Expanding the Fair Food Program: November 2014 – December 2015

Eva Longoria: “I think it’s important for us to get out the message about people who are doing it right.”

[hupso title="VIDEO: @EvaLongoria's exclusive endorsement of the @FairFoodProgram from the @FoodChainsFilm team!" url=""]   "Let's buy Florida tomatoes"...  FOOD CHAINS crew releases exclusive new video endorsement of the Fair Food Program and the Florida tomato industry by Executive Director Eva Longoria! With the national theatrical run of the exciting new documentary "Food Chains" just days away, Executive Producer Eva Longoria and the film >> Read More

Zing! #PublixPilgrims Twitter party crashed by Fair Food Nation…

[hupso title="ZING! #PublixPilgrims twitter party crashed by #FairFoodNation..." url=""] [caption id="attachment_20509" align="aligncenter" width="570"] One of the images used by Fair Food allies during Publix's Thanksgiving "Twitter Party"[/caption] Two can play the social media game, as dozens of allies join the conversation during Publix's Thanksgiving Twitter chat, trade recipes for justice rather than turkey! Every year, as soon as the calendar flips to November, a familiar fall >> Read More

Extra! Extra! Read all about it… The 2014 State of the Program Report is online now!

[hupso title="Extra! Extra! 2014 State of the @FairFoodProgram Report is online now!" url=""] 2013-2014 State of the Program Report can be downloaded as a web exclusive ahead of print release later this month... For all the Fair Food Activists, inquisitive journalists, and fans of cold hard facts and razor sharp analysis out there, the day has finally arrived -- the >> Read More
As its national release nears, “Food Chains” messaging comes into focus…

As its national release nears, “Food Chains” messaging comes into focus…

[hupso title="As Nov 21 release nears, @FoodChainsFilm messaging comes into focus... @FairFoodProgram" url=""] In a scene that didn't make the final cut of the film, Walmart joins the Fair Food Program. Documentary a chance for broader audience to learn about the extraordinary success story taking shape in Florida's fields... "Food Chains" is a film about many things.  Its lens takes >> Read More
From Florida to Denver, Wendy’s hears from a fed up Fair Food Nation…

From Florida to Denver, Wendy’s hears from a fed up Fair Food Nation…

[hupso title="From #FL to #Denver, @Wendys hears from a fed up #FairFoodNation..." url=""]  With the fall picking season just around the corner, farmworkers in Immokalee and Fair Food activists across the country crank up creative Wendy's actions... Between farmworkers returning to Florida for the start of the new harvest season and allies in cooler climes taking to the streets for vibrant Fair Food protests, >> Read More

Publix: Join the Fair Food Program this Thanksgiving!

[hupso title=".@Publix: Florida’s #farmworker families deserve your respect, not your charity. Join the @FairFoodProgram. #PublixPilgrims" url=""] This holiday season, ask Publix to join us at the Fair Food table... The holiday season is upon us, which means it's time again to gather around the table with loved ones to celebrate another year of life together, of new beginnings and old >> Read More

Bill Maher, Eva Longoria talk “Food Chains,” Fair Food Program on HBO’s Real Time!

[hupso title="VIDEO: .@BillMaher, @EvaLongoria talk @FairFoodProgram on @RealTimers!" url=""] HBO show highlights Fair Food Program as "Food Chains" readies for Nov. 21 release... Fair Food activists tuning into HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher were in for a real treat last Friday night, as "Food Chains" Executive Producer Eva Longoria joined Maher for an extended interview on the upcoming documentary, the plight of >> Read More

Fair Food Program gets its very own website!

[hupso title="The @FairFoodProgram gets its very own website!" url=""] [caption id="attachment_20400" align="aligncenter" width="600"] The above is a screen capture from the new Fair Food Program website,[/caption] New, stand-alone site explains structure, function of Fair Food Program's multi-faceted approach to real, measurable social responsibility...  From 2001 to 2010, CIW members traveled the country with the Campaign for Fair Food, educating consumers about the human >> Read More