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VIDEO: The Return to Human Rights Tour returns to Florida and a huge final march and rally at Tampa Wendy’s, Publix!

Farmworkers, students, religious leaders, union members and everyday consumers let Wendy's, Publix know that the fight for Fair Food only grows stronger the longer they hold out...Yesterday, in the final action of the 14-day, 14-city Return to Human Rights Tour, nearly 300 Floridians converged in Tampa, Florida, to welcome the Coalition of Immokalee Workers home with a massive rally and march from the Publix >> Read More

“Here we are in Columbus, Ohio, which puts all of us at ground zero for farmworker justice…”

OSU fast enters Day Six as administration's continued stalling on decision to cut Wendy's contract leaves student fasters unsatisfied;  Farmworkers from Immokalee, national allies, and OSU students unite in stunning vigil, protest outside Wendy's corporate headquarters as Return to Human Rights Tour arrives in Columbus!From dawn to dusk, Friday was a momentous day for the Wendy's Boycott and the national >> Read More

Media round-up! From Columbus to Tampa, talk of Wendy’s Boycott spreading like wildfire…

[caption id="attachment_25614" align="alignright" width="358"] A sign outside of the encampment of 19 student fasters at The Ohio State University[/caption]... But before we get to the links, first we need your help with a snap action to support OSU student fasters:  Sign and share Student/Farmwoker Alliance's petition for OSU President Drake this morning!Between the Return to Human Rights Tour's fast-paced progress through the >> Read More

National religious leaders stand with the OSU fasters: “The student fast taking place at OSU is an inspiring act of solidarity…”

[caption id="attachment_25598" align="aligncenter" width="640"] One of 19 students on a weeklong fast on the campus of The Ohio State University[/caption]Declarations of support for student fasters at OSU flood in as fast enters Day 4: National Farm Worker Ministry, T'ruah, Unitarian Universalist Service Committee send blistering statements to Wendy's, OSU administration;CIW welcomed back to Chicago on Return to Human Rights Tour!We begin with an update >> Read More

OSU student fast enters Day 3: “Our bellies are empty, but our hearts are full!”

"We're fasting in solidarity with workers for a better world"...OSU Student fast builds power in Columbus;  Return to Human Rights Tour hits Madison, Wisconsin!Today, we bring you exciting updates from two fronts in the growing Wendy's Boycott:  First, the campus of The Ohio State University in Columbus, OH, the focal point of the national Boot the Braids campaign as the student-led >> Read More

“We are counting on support from communities nationwide to bring Wendy’s to the table and to bring justice to our workplaces…”

Return to Human Rights Tour passes 1,000 mile mark, connects with worker leaders across low-wage industries from Nashville to Minneapolis...What do whirlwind Tour visits to Nashville and Minneapolis have in common?  A warm welcome, fellow low-wage workers fighting hard to change the conditions in which they work, and a whole lot of Wendy's Boycott spirit!  Following the tour's inspiring stop in Atlanta, CIW members and allies >> Read More

TODAY: 19 students from Ohio State University, community members from Columbus launch weeklong fast!

Student/Farmworker Alliance:  OSU students, Columbus community launch national call for solidarity as they begin weeklong fast to Boot the Braids!Earlier this month, we shared a breaking announcement of a major escalation in the Wendy's Boycott:  Students from The Ohio State University and community members from across Columbus declared that they would launch a weeklong fast in the lead up to the Parade for Fair Food >> Read More

Georgia State Senator Vincent Fort: “I’m hungry for freedom! I’m hungry for justice! And I’m hungry for a Fair Food commitment from Wendy’s…”

Return to Human Rights Tour unites with social justice movements, past and present, in Atlanta, Georgia!Fresh off an exciting launch at the University of Florida in Gainesville, farmworkers from Immokalee and their allies arrived in Atlanta yesterday for Day 2 of the Return to Human Rights Tour.  After catching up on some much-needed rest at the Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church on the outskirts of the >> Read More

And they’re off! The Return to Human Rights Tour hits the ground running in Gainesville…

"Wendy's, prepare yourself:  Today, we begin this tour for human rights, because we are all human beings and we all deserve respect..."After many months of preparation and organizing, CIW members and a core group of allies set out from Immokalee yesterday before dawn on an unseasonably cool spring morning for the 14-city Return to Human Rights Tour!  Today, we bring you the first of the tour's >> Read More