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“It’s a new day in dairy”: Migrant Justice, Ben & Jerry’s sign agreement to launch Milk with Dignity Program in Vermont dairy industry!

[caption id="attachment_26898" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Members of Migrant Justice and Ben & Jerry's CEO Joestein Solheim sign and hold aloft a mock Milk with Dignity agreement on Tuesday outside Ben & Jerry's flagship store in Burlington, VT.[/caption]New York Times: "Ben & Jerry's signs a landmark agreement today to beef up the rights of often exploited dairy workers in VT"...Migrant Justice's Enrique >> Read More

Got Milk with Dignity? Vermont’s Migrant Justice putting finishing touches on breakthrough dairy program…

[caption id="attachment_24323" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Representatives of the CIW, the Fair Food Standards Council and Migrant Justice meet to discuss the soon-to-be-launched Milk with Dignity Program in the Vermont dairy industry.[/caption]From Florida tomatoes to Vermont dairy, Worker-driven Social Responsibility in the spotlight at food systems summit...Last week, members of the CIW, Migrant Justice, and the Fair Food Standards Council came together for >> Read More