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U of Michigan Report: “The Fair Food Program is the most comprehensive social responsibility program in the U.S.”

U of Michigan Report: “The Fair Food Program is the most comprehensive social responsibility program in the U.S.”

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Students from the University of Michigan protest outside of the campus Wendy’s, urging passing students to join the national boycott last spring.[/caption] The Advisory Committee on Labor Standards and Human Rights’ recommendation to the University of Michigan President: “Become a signatory of the Fair Food Program.” Meanwhile, UMich and Ohio State students team up to Boycott Wendy's at >> Read More

PHOTO REPORT: Students nationwide give Wendy’s an “F” for failing to respect farmworker women!

[caption id="attachment_27061" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Students from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill march to the on-campus Wendy's as a part of last week's "Wendy's you're failing farmworker women" Student Week of Action[/caption]Last week, the Student/Farmworker Alliance turned up the heat on Wendy’s with the “Wendy’s, You’re Failing Farmworker Women” national Week of Action!  The high-energy week was kicked off >> Read More

Part Two: “We are not victims — we are not asking for charity, we are calling for justice!”

[caption id="attachment_27009" align="aligncenter" width="600"] CIW's Nely Rodriguez addresses 70+ allies from Columbus in front of Wendy's Headquarters, holding aloft a quilt created by the farmworker women of Immokalee.[/caption]Farmworker Women to Wendy's executives: "We want to work with dignity in the fields."Last Sunday, farmworkers stood alongside religious leaders from across the city of Columbus, Wendy's hometown, for a moving interfaith service >> Read More

A chilling reminder of farm labor conditions in Mexico: 80 farmworkers go missing after reporting labor abuses in the state of Chihuahua…

[caption id="attachment_20791" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Farmworkers are transported to the fields crowded into the back of a truck in Mexico's tomato fields in a photo from the Los Angeles Times' devastating 2014 exposé on labor conditions in the Mexican produce industry.[/caption]Meanwhile, at last month's annual meeting, Wendy's execs tell shareholders concerned about labor rights abuses that the company is "perfectly happy with >> Read More

A Profile in Cowardice…

President Drake, OSU Administration take a stand against students, faculty, faith leaders, international labor rights experts and farmworkers to renew Wendy's contract for three more years;Administration waits until school year over, students safely at home, to announce decision;Students call for Fair Food Nation to join national call-in action to President Drake's office today!Last Thursday, Amanda Ferguson, an OSU grad student and >> Read More

PHOTO REPORT: Nationwide student fast keeps rolling!

New College, Valencia College students break five-day fast, vow to continue the Campaign:  "This University will continue to fight for the rights of farmworkers, and for all human rights"...Students at Vanderbilt, University of Tampa, Eckerd College and University of South Florida take up the torch as national rolling student fast for farmworker justice continues!After five long days of fasting -- an act >> Read More

OSU and Wendy’s: Taking stock of a troubled relationship…

Or if you prefer your proverbs biblical, "Do not be deceived: Bad company corrupts good character." (1 Corinthians, 15:33)After Wendy's latest public relations play, OSU administration must decide how far it will allow its fast-food partner to drag a proud university down into the mud...Benjamin Franklin's Poor Richard's Almanac is generally credited with popularizing the colorful aphorism, "He that lieth down with the dogs shall rise >> Read More

“Here we are in Columbus, Ohio, which puts all of us at ground zero for farmworker justice…”

OSU fast enters Day Six as administration's continued stalling on decision to cut Wendy's contract leaves student fasters unsatisfied;  Farmworkers from Immokalee, national allies, and OSU students unite in stunning vigil, protest outside Wendy's corporate headquarters as Return to Human Rights Tour arrives in Columbus!From dawn to dusk, Friday was a momentous day for the Wendy's Boycott and the national >> Read More

Media round-up! From Columbus to Tampa, talk of Wendy’s Boycott spreading like wildfire…

[caption id="attachment_25614" align="alignright" width="358"] A sign outside of the encampment of 19 student fasters at The Ohio State University[/caption]... But before we get to the links, first we need your help with a snap action to support OSU student fasters:  Sign and share Student/Farmwoker Alliance's petition for OSU President Drake this morning!Between the Return to Human Rights Tour's fast-paced progress through the >> Read More