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Worker-driven Social Responsibility (WSR): A new idea for a new century

[hupso title="Tale of the tape: How the #FairFoodProgram measures up to #CSR" url="http://ciw-online.org/"] Worker-driven social responsibility puts workers first when addressing human rights in corporate supply chains...   If you are even a casual reader of this site you know this:  The Fair Food Program has effected unprecedented change in Florida's fields since it was implemented across 90% of the state's >> Read More

TalkPoverty.org, a project of Center for American Progress, runs great read on the Fair Food Program…

[hupso_hide][hupso title=".@talkpoverty, @BillMoyers run great read on #FairFoodProgram" url="http://ciw-online.org/"] Moyers & Company also picks up article analyzing worker-led approach that drives success of CIW's Fair Food Program... Over the past generation, Corporate Social Responsibility programs (a field known by the acronym "CSR") – based on a mix of corporate-drafted vendor codes of conduct, voluntary compliance, and periodic auditing – have been embraced and >> Read More