Take part in the March for Rights,
Respect and Fair Food

The March for Rights, Respect and Fair Food is going to be a truly historic event -- both in the history of the Coalition as well as the history of U.S. agriculture and the tomato industry. Anything so beautiful is the work of many hands, many feet, and most importantly the commitment and consciousness of farmworkers and their allies that form the foundation for the changes we are seeing in the fields. We are honored to invite you to be a part of the change, in whatever way you can!


Participants are invited to join the CIW and their allies for the entire march (200-miles), or for several miles along the way. There are many different ways to participate in the march itself, such as marching for 3, 6 or 15+ miles, joining farmworkers in the evenings for community-building and nightly Publix vigils, assisting with water or lunch breaks and, most importantly, bringing your friends and family to the 6-mile culminating march on Sunday, March 17 at 11:30 am - to be followed by a rally at 4 pm at the Publix corporate headquarters. Check out our march with us page for more!

Can't march with us? Coordinating a grassroots march of 200 miles with hundreds of participants requires a vast network of support. Whether you'll be coordinating meals, donating shoes, or other ways of supporting the march, there are plenty of opportunities to support marchers.

Want to help us spread the word? One of the most important aspects of an action like the March for Rights, Respect and Fair Food is that it is communicated wide and far across the world as it is happening. Join your voice with ours in big and small ways, spreading the word about the march! Check out our engage from afar page to find resources on how to support us through social media, writing pieces about the march, and more!