The March for Rights, Respect and Fair Food arrives at Publix Headquarters, 1,500 strong!

As Day Fifteen dawned, the marchers who had traveled the entire 200-mile trek together gathered their materiel, marshaled their troops, and moved out on the final six miles to Publix headquarters. The photo report from Day Fifteen takes you alongside marchers for these final miles of a truly incredible two-week trek.

PHOTOA march with a core of 100-150 marchers that regularly swelled by several hundred as it passed through cities along its way from Ft. Myers to Lakeland suddenly exploded to ten times its core size on the final day, as allies from across the state of Florida poured into Lakeland to show their support for Fair Food.

Once arrived, the core marchers and supporters who had streamed in during the final days were treated a beautiful, and at times hilarious, theatre piece by the CIW, a wide-ranging concert from the many musicians who come from all walks of life to support the Campaign for Fair Food, and inspiring words from many who had marched these 200 miles. Without further ado, here is a video capturing the highlights of the culminating moments of the march: