Ahold USA & Kroger

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The Supermarket Industry


By leveraging its high-volume purchasing power, the U.S. supermarket industry plays an active role in farmworker exploitation. 

Ahold USA (parent company of Stop & Shop and Giant) and Kroger all pack a very heavy punch when it comes to their market power in the produce industry. And with great power comes great responsibility — both for the poverty and brutal working conditions from which they have profited for so many years, and for the work of reforming farm labor conditions in their supply chains that lies ahead.

If the goal of a more modern, more humane Florida tomato industry is to be fully realized, the supermarket giants must do their part.


Download, print and take this letter to the supermarket near you!  Drop it off with the store manager to let your supermarket know that people across the country want them to get on board with the Fair Food Program.

Giant Stop & Shop Kroger

EDUbuttonReady to help get the word out to others? Download a flyer for when you are participating in an action, would like materials to hand out at an event you’re attending or simply want to educate your friends and family!

Giant Stop & Shop Kroger

DISPbuttonAre you hosting a picket, march or other action in your community?  Download a PDF of one of these banners and send it to your local print shop for  a colorful addition to your homemade campaign art!


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Which corporation is your local campaign target, and is there a Fair Food group or a local organizer already in your community?  Use this handy map to find out—just click on your state to view names and contact information.