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Julia Gabriel:
"Como trabajadores y mujeres, tenemos que luchar por nuestros derechos y contra la violencia tanto en la labor como en la casa"
"As women and as workers, we have to fight for our rights and against violence both in the fields and in our own homes"

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You and your friends -- your fellow students, neighbors, co-workers, or members of your church -- are the very heart of this campaign!

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Coalition of Immokalee Workers


1995 General Strike
Immokalee, Florida

The CIW is today spear-heading the Taco Bell boycott. But before we launched the national boycott in April of 2001, we had been organizing locally for many years in an effort to modernize labor relations in Florida's fields, improve wages and working conditions for our members, and eliminate modern-day slavery.

To learn more about the history of the Coalition, you can go to the CIW site where you'll find all the non-Taco Bell info on the Coalition from 1995 to 2001, including past CIW campaigns, Press Archives, Photo Galleries, and more!

1997 General Strike
Immokalee, Florida

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What, exactly, is this? It's a pyramid, actually, of 120 tomato buckets, over two stories tall and more than 20 feet wide at its base.

To make $48 in a day at 40 cents per bucket, farmworkers have to pick, haul, and throw 120 of these buckets, which weigh 32 pounds when full of tomatoes -- about two tons of tomatoes, in all.

To give you some perspective on that, $48 is what most fast-food CEO's probably make before their butts hit the leather on their big comfy CEO chairs in the morning.

CIW members took time to build the pyramid right, screwing buckets to boards...

... and taking care to set row upon row of buckets on the growing pyramid.

The pyramid slowly took form, with each subsequent row taking longer than the last...

... and as it grew, several members took up residence behind the wall of buckets, fighting a wind that threatened to bring the whole thing down at any minute...

But finally, the pyramid reached nearly three stories, and there were no longer any ladders tall enough to add the final rows...

And so, with 10 buckets in a mini-pyramid still on the ground (memo to California organizing crew: find two VERY tall ladders for the 5th!), CIW members took a minute to celebrate what is definitely a first - - workers building a pyramid, not to give praise to those in power, but to build power for their own fight for justice. See you soon in California!


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