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Serfs up, Kings down!... Click here for all the photos and a first-hand report from Friday's unforgettable march on Burger King headquarters in Miami!

And click here to read yesterday's letter from former President Jimmy Carter to the Florida Tomato Growers Exchange, "Burger King and others are continuing to support a market system that keeps workers in sub-poverty conditions and stand silently as modest gains are deliberately rolled back."

12/5/07: Report from Day Two: Conference and Concert for Fair Food, headlined by best-selling author Naomi Klein (above, left)... Click here to see pictures and a report from an exciting Day Two in Miami, as hundreds of grassroots organizers from across the country came together for a day of reflection and a little bit of music!

11/29/07: CIW speaks, protests at Burger King annual shareholder meeting... Read the text of Lucas Benitez's address to the shareholders by clicking here!

photo by Nuri Valbona, Miami Herald

11/27/07: Amazing (Dis)Grace... Burger King, tomato growers' strategy exposed: Industry giants team up to sabotage progress for farmworkers. PR campaign not winning over editorial writers around Florida, however, as one writer tells readers, "OK, consumers, sic 'em..." Read about all the latest news by clicking here, as the March on BK fast approaches!

March on Burger King:
* "Farmworkers and students take on Burger King," The Nation, 12/14/07
* "Bankers squeeze Burger King and tomato pickers lose," Alternet, 12/3/07
* "Students join 9-mile march for workers' pay,"
the FIU Beacon, 12/6/07
* "Farmworkers deserve more," Editorial, Ft. Myers News Press, 12/8/07
* "Have it your way: Bring down the King," The Mac Weekly, 12/7/07
* "Burger King and modern-day abolitionists face off," The Daily Texan, 11/30/07
* "Good cause gives activism a new life," Miami Herald, 12/4/07
* "Students join Burger King protest," Miami Herald, 12/2/07
* "Marchers to Burger King: We will no be turned back," AFL-CIO blog, 11/30/07
* "Open letter to readers from Burger King's CEO (as imagined by a double-whopping columnist)," Florida Weekly, 12/6/07
* "Burger King hears from farmworkers and PC(USA)," Presbyterian News Service, 12/5/07
* "Taking on the King," The Progressive, 12/4/07
* "Cheap charity or honest wage?," About.com, 11/30/07
* "Florida farmworkers protest Burger King over low wages, exploitation," Associated Press, 11/30/07
* "Tomato pickers protest at Burger King Miami HQ,"
Guardian of London (Reuters), 11/30/07
* "Activists protest Burger King," Miami Herald, 11/30/07
* "Hundreds protest Burger King over farmworker wages, working conditions,"
Naples Daily News, 11/30/07

Solidarity actions around the country:
*"Students join national protest for farmworkers' wages," Calvin College Chimes, 12/7/07
* "Students rally for migrant wages," University of Notre Dame Observer, 12/3/07
* "20 protest at Burger King over pickers' pay rate," The Ithaca Journal, 12/1/07

* "Protesters ask Chipotle to put its money where the burrito goes," Colorado Confidential, 12/3/07
* Fair Food NYC protests outside Goldman Sachs offices in Manhattan, click here for some pictures

Editorial opinion on BK, grower efforts to undermine CIW accords:
* "Penny foolish," New York Times, 11/29/07
* "Penny for bad thought," Palm Beach Post, 11/28/07
* "End modern-day slavery," Austin-American Statesman, 11/30/07
* “At a penny per pound, a little adds up to a lot,” St. Petersburg Times, 11/24/07
* “Today's bounty didn't pick itself,” Palm Beach Post, 11/22/07

BK, growers team up to attack Yum, McDonald's accords:
* “Tomato deal threatened by Burger King, growers,” Associated Press, 11/23/07
* “Tomato growers: We’re not bad guys,” Miami Herald, 11/19/07

12/8/07 NEW!... Click here to check out this live recording of the incredible Haitian Rara band, Rara Lakay, that accompanied the march from its launch in downtown Miami. Don't miss it (special thanks to marcher Stephen Bartlett for this gem)!

* Click here for a longer mix, with excerpts of speeches from the day!

March video coverage:
* AP Video of CIW march (11/30/07)
* CBS 4 Miami with helicopter coverage of the march... Don't miss this! 11/30/07
* Florida International University student video (combines FIU action and march footage)

Animated video of hundreds of still shots from the march by JJ Tiziou:

* The video squeezes an entire day into a couple of minutes! Definitely worth a look -- click here to see the video

More great photos from the march!... The CIW was fortunate to have an abundance of great photographers to document the events of the day. Click here to see a selection of photos from another long-time CIW ally!

Flickr pages:
* Click here to see Alan Pogue's march pics...

* Click here to see Andy Lin's march pics -- a different look through a polaroid lens at the historic march...

March audio coverage:
* NPR Marketplace (11/30/07)