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There are many ways you can ensure that the 2007 Truth Tour is a resounding success:

Get on the bus to Chicago!

New York City + Long Island, NY celeste(at)sfalliance.org
Upstate NY celeste(at)sfalliance.org
Washington DC sean(at)sfalliance.org
Madison + Milwaukee, WI greg(at)ciw-online.org
Pennsylvania celeste(at)sfalliance.org
Twin Cities, MN celeste(at)sfalliance.org
Texas brent(at)sfalliance.org
South Bend, IN melody(at)sfalliance.org
Michigan celeste(at)sfalliance.org
Kentucky julia(at)ciw-online.org
Florida sarah(at)interfaithact.org
Lawrence, KS sean(at)sfalliance.org
Urbana-Champaign, IL brent(at)sfalliance.org
Carbondale, IL sean(at)sfalliance.org
Massachusetts marc(at)sfalliance.org
Bloomington + Indianapolis, IN brent(at)sfalliance.org
Mississippi sean(at)sfalliance.org
Southern California sean(at)sfalliance.org
Northern California julia(at)ciw-online.org
North Carolina sean(at)sfalliance.org
West Virginia marc(at)sfalliance.org
Tennessee julia(at)ciw-online.org
St. Louis, MO robert(at)interfaithact.org
Charlotte, NC sarah(at)interfaithact.org
Cleveland, OH sarah(at)interfaithact.org
Utah melody(at)sfalliance.org
Seattle, WA marc(at)sfalliance.org