On May 15, hundreds of allies and friends of the CIW from across South Florida came together to throw a victory party for the farmworkers in Immokalee to celebrate the recent historic victory in the Taco Bell boycott.

In the last days of the tomato picking season in Southwest Florida, farmworkers gathered to listen to messages of congratulations from faith-based, community, and student supporters from around the region and across the country, including Bishop John Nevins of the Diocese of Venice, the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Center for Human Rights, National Farmworker Ministry, and many more.

As the CIW’s agreement with Taco Bell represents a huge advance in the fight to eliminate slavery from the fast-food industry’s supply chain, it was only fitting that the celebration be filled with music from Son del Centro (pictured here, right, performing at the celebration). Son del Centro, a group of Southern California youth dedicated to keeping their cultural roots alive in the perfomance of Son Jarocho, traditional music and dance derived from the struggle for freedom by enslaved people in Mexico, led the festivities until nightfall.

An excellent article covering the event appeared in the Ft Myers News Press. Read it by clicking here.

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