The CIW — with a delegation more than 40 strong, including allies from the Student/Farmworker Alliance and Interfaith Action — joined the historic March for Peace in Washington, DC, this past September 24th.
There they marched with hundreds of thousands of Americans who came together from across the country — and across all the many age, class, race, and religious borders that all too often divide the people of this country — to say “NO!” to a war that seems more senseless by the day…


… and “YES” to true victory, “YES” to peace.


The CIW hammered its swords of protest from the Taco Bell boycott into plowshares of peace for the march — converting its famous tomato bucket signs to convey the key themes of this historic rally against the war.
This sign reflects the view held by a strong majority of the country today — that our precious resources should be spent not on wars of choice in distant lands but on addressing the deeply-rooted social and economic problems that continue to haunt us here in this country…


… While this sign, aimed specifically at the White House and its current occupant, went straight to the hypocrisy of a war supported by politicians and leaders of industry whose children would never themselves join today’s volunteer army.
The CIW’s community radio station, “Radio Conciencia,” grabbed quick interviews of marchers in the street for its news hour….


…. While CIW members marched on, adding their voice to those of nearly half a million Americans who have grown tired of this war and gathered on this historic day in Washington to demand an immediate end to the senseless sacrifice of tens of thousands of American and Iraqi lives and a return to government that protects and cares for the needs of its people before all else.