The background of the above image is a detail from an 18th-century petition signed by the people of Manchester, England, calling for the abolition of the Transatlantic Slave Trade, from the archives of the British Parliament. Petition campaigns and consumer actions by British citizens helped hasten the abolition of the British slave trade in 1807. The CIW petition campaign honors the 200th anniversary of the US ban against the importation of slaves (1808), and echoes key strategies of the early abolitionist movement.

 Join the petition campaign to end modern-day slavery and sweatshops in the fields!

Be a part of history… The CIW is launching a national petition drive calling on Burger King and other food industry leaders to work with the CIW to:

  • improve the wages and working conditions of the men and women who harvest their tomatoes, and
  • support an industry-wide effort to end human rights violations and modern-day slavery in all of Florida’s fields.

The petition will also serve notice that those who sign are “prepared to stop patronizing Burger King now, and other food industry leaders in the future, should they fail to do so.

We are calling on Fair Food activists across the country to collect signatures in their communities – in schools, churches, union halls, and community gatherings from Miami to Minneapolis, from New York to Los Angeles. 

We will turn in the petitions in a creative mass procession at Burger King headquarters in Miami later this spring. Click here for all the details on how you can participate in this exciting new campaign!