CIW throws Thanksgiving day bash in Immokalee!…

The CIW’s Radio Conciencia (right) went mobile to headline the community gathering, taking advantage of the day off in the fields to have a little fun.

Click here for pictures from the party!


“Honoring the hands that feed us”

New editorial reminds us: “Thanksgiving is a holiday built around food… but rarely do we honor the hands that feed us.”

A well-timed op/ed — published as consumers across the country begin gearing-up for Thanksgiving — takes a hard look at conditions in the fields where the fruits and vegetables for our holiday feasts are grown and picked. After touching on the exploitation of workers in Immokalee, the editorial concludes:

“… Immokalee is an extreme example, but it leaves a bitter taste in your mouth when you realize the high costs that some people are paying so that we can have cheap food. Most of us do not take the time to wonder why our food costs so little. Instead, we notice how expensive organic or locally grown produce is in comparison.

For agriculture to be sustainable, it must provide a living for those who work our land. Let’s honor the hands that feed us by restoring the dignity of fair wages to farmers and farmworkers.”

Read the editorial in its entirety here.