Another new Publix store, another protest and petition in support of Fair Food!


Workers, allies deliver 600 signatures to managers of new Publix store in North Ft. Myers, FL…

This past weekend, workers from Immokalee joined with allies from the Southwest Florida region to deliver a message from the Campaign for Fair Food to the managers of Florida’s newest Publix supermarket. From the CBS news affiliate:

“Immokalee farmworkers are welcoming Southwest Florida’s latest Publix with a petition.

It’s the latest protest by the Coalition of Immokalee Workers as they continue their campaign to get Publix to join the Fair Food Program, a partnership between tomato growers and food retailers.

The protesters braved the rain and delivered a petition with over 600 signatures to the store managers.

Ten other major food retailers have signed on and workers said it’s created better conditions for those out in the fields.

‘This code of conduct makes a huge difference in workers’ lives. It’s saying no to abuses in the fields, to slavery, to sexual misconduct and abuses like that,’ said supporter, Rev. Allison Farnam.” read more

You can find local media coverage of the protest, including video, here and here.