“Workers have never had a voice inside the workplace — until now”


UPDATE: PBS Frontline produces exclusive web video on the Fair Food Program as solution to the “epidemic” of sexual harassment in agriculture

As a companion piece to its hard-hitting new documentary, Rape in the Fields, which premiered last night, PBS Frontline posted an excellent short video highlighting the Fair Food Program as one of the few reasons for hope — and the one true “voice of the workers”— in the battle against widespread sexual harassment in U.S. agriculture.

Don’t miss this moving exclusive on the Fair Food Program and its transformational impact on the lives of women in the fields.

And in case you missed yesterday’s post, make sure to check out PBS Frontline producer Andres Cediel’s powerful analysis — drawn from Frontline’s year-long investigation of sexual harassment and assault in the agricultural industry from Florida to California — of the CIW’s Fair Food Program as a “unique” and “extraordinary” solution…