Wendy’s Week of Action is right around the corner! Take part this August 3-11 and tell Wendy’s to get with the (Fair Food) program…

Wendy Above, the Student/Farmworker Alliance flyer mobilizing members across the country for the upcoming week of action borrows an image from the Taco Bell boycott days.

Find an action near you!

  1. Ann Arbor, MI: Margaret, mgleeson21@gmail.com 
  2. Asheville, NC : Claire, claire@interfaithact.org
  3. Chicago, IL: Meghan, meghan@sfalliance.org 
  4. Columbus, OH: Ohio Fair Food, ohiofairfood@gmail.com 
  5. Denver, CO: Lani, barry.lani@gmail.com 
  6. Estero, FL: Jordan, jordan@interfaithact.org 
  7. Louisville, KY: Elena, elena@interfaithact.org 
  8. Madison, WI (Student Power Convergence): Joe, joed@sfalliance.org 
  9. Milwaukee, WI: workers (at) ciw-online.org 
  10. New York, NY: Community/Farmworker Alliance, farmworkersolidarity@gmail.com 
  11. Olympia, WA: CIW, workers@ciw-online.org 
  12. Philadelphia, PA: Philly Fair Food, phillyfairfood@gmail.com 
  13. Pittsburgh, PA: CIW, workers@ciw-online.org 
  14. Providence, RI: CIW, workers@ciw-online.org 
  15. Rio Grand Valley, TX: Hector, hector@texascivilrightsproject.org 
  16. SoCal, CA: Natali, natali@sfalliance.org 
  17. St. Louis, MO: CIW, workers@ciw-online.org 
  18. Treasure Coast, FL: Treasure Coast Fair Food, info@tcfairfood.org 
  19. Washington D.C.: DC Fair Food, dcfairfood@gmail.com

“The Final Fast Food Hold-out”


Of the five largest fast food corporations in the country — McDonald’s, Subway, Burger King, Taco Bell (Yum! Brands), and Wendy’s — Wendy’s stands alone as the only one who has refused to join the Fair Food Program and respect the rights and dignity of farmworkers in its supply chain.

As Wendy’s positions itself to implement sustainable business practices and promote its sourcing of “honest ingredients,” it must realize that respect for human rights and worker participation are integral components of the genuine sustainability that today’s consumers expect and demand.

Join the movement calling on Wendy’s to get with the Fair Food Program by organizing an action in your community for the big Wendy’s Week of Action, August 3-11.  Click here for more information on how you can get involved!