BREAKING NEWS! Sept. 21 – Oct 5: Southeast Publix Truth Tour!

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Rolling out from Immokalee on September 21st,  the CIW will be launching a marathon tour of the southern branch of the Fair Food Nation to spread the truth about Publix and its unconscionable refusal to support the Fair Food Program, the most effective program for human rights in the US agricultural industry today.  Allies in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee and Alabama have already begun to plan dozens of presentations, pickets and house meetings to escalate the Campaign for Fair Food in the South, right alongside the expansion of Publix grocery stores.  Together with workers from Immokalee, this growing army of consumers will demand that Publix — which has spent four years turning its back on the men and women who harvest their food — heed their call for economic justice and do its part to fight farmworker abuse and exploitation, from sexual harassment to modern-day slavery.

image-223267-fullAs the Tour crew moves through the historic heart of the Civil Rights movement, CIW members and their student and faith allies will be not only educating consumers about Publix’s refusal to support the ground-breaking changes happening today in Florida’s fields, but also learning from and building partnerships with the many southern movements that have laid the groundwork for social change.

Don’t miss the CIW’s two-week expedition through the South!
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[ezcol_1half id=”” class=”” style=””]Mon, Sept 21: Immokalee, FL
Sun, Sept 22:
Gainesville, FL
Mon, Sept 23:
Raleigh, Durham, &
Chapel Hill, NC
Tues, Sept 24:
Raleigh, Durham, &
Chapel Hill, NC
Wed, Sept 25:
Charlotte, NC

Thurs, Sept 26:
Asheville, NC

Fri, Sept 27:
Knoxville, TN[/ezcol_1half][ezcol_1half_end id=”” class=”” style=””]Sat, Sept 28:
 Tuscaloosa, AL
Sun, Sept 29: Atlanta, GA

Mon, Sept 30: Birmingham, AL, Murfreesboro, TN & Nashville, TN
Tues, Oct 1: Athens, GA

Wed, Oct 2: Atlanta, GA

Thurs, Oct 3: Atlanta, GA

Fri, Oct 4: Tallahassee, FL
Sat, Oct 5: Immokalee, FL[/ezcol_1half_end]

Want to get together with the Coalition during the fall tour? Get in touch with Joe and Elena for more details:

Joe, 239.503.0771, joe (at) // Elena, 239.986.0688, elena (at)

Stay tuned for more!