Hot off the digital press: A social media round-up and a beautiful new image for 21st century food justice!

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Clinton Global Citizen Award sparks surge of social media about @CIW and the #FairFoodProgram…

Sunday’s Clinton Global Citizen Award ceremony in New York was a truly unforgettable celebration of the remarkable progress achieved in Florida’s fields through the Fair Food Program.  Over 1,000 people squeezed into the Sheraton ballroom in Times Square for an evening line-up that included the Clinton family, Leonardo DiCaprio, Seth Myers, the Roots, Aloe Blacc, Natalie Merchant and hundreds of leading figures in the world working for social, economic, and environmental justice. 

But as amazing as the scene was inside the room, the crowd outside was even more impressive.  So strong was the flood of social media attention during the ceremony that at one point the CIW was trending #5 on Twitter and Food Chains was trending at #3!  Indeed, thanks to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, many, many more than the thousand people actually at the ceremony were able to join us for one of the most exciting moments in the CIW’s two-decade long history.

So today we wanted to share with you just a small sampling of the wonderful messages that poured in on Sunday and Monday, words of support and celebration from a wide range of friends and allies, many of whom have walked many miles alongside farmworkers in the fight for Fair Food.

First, the Clinton Global Initiative itself as well as actress Ashley Judd teed up the evening… 

During the ceremony itself, Food Chains Executive Producer Eva Longoria also gave the CIW a warm shoutout…

… and the Food Chains crew broke the news about the newly-revealed Fair Food Program poster, which was displayed in the final moments of the CIW’s remarks on stage:

The excitement was not limited to our close partners, however.  The Food Chains team was joined on Twitter by those who were just finding out more about the CIW’s Fair Food Program from within the Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting as well:

Amidst it all, Twitter and other social media outlets were flooded with excited commentary from Fair Food fans from across the country.  First among them was Cheryl Queen, Vice President of Corporate Communication at Compass Group USA:

It is worth noting that Cheryl not only joined the CIW for the award ceremony, but also for a panel later in the week, which did not go unnoticed by the U.S. Department of State!

And of course, there were many hundreds of allies from the Alliance for Fair Food, cheering the CIW on from afar.  We want to thank all of you who joined us for that evening — the award was not only for CIW members, but also the many thousands of consumers who have struggled alongside farmworkers for a more humane agricultural industry.  We will leave you with a sampling from some of our close allies:


That is a wrap for today’s social media round up.  Check back soon for more on this exciting week in New York!