Entertainment Weekly gives “Food Chains” a plug, runs exciting new trailer!

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Countdown begins to big Thanksgiving Week release…

Entertainment Weekly ran a piece yesterday in its “Inside Movies” column plugging the documentary “Food Chains” — the film featuring the Campaign for Fair Food as a long-sought solution to the exploitation and abuse of this country’s farmworkers — highlighting the stars who contributed to the film, and reminding readers of its fast-approaching Thanksgiving Week release date.  

Here’s the report, entitled “Eva Longoria explores ‘Food Chains’ in new documentary from ‘Fast Food Nation’ writer,”:


As executive producer Eva Longoria points out in her new documentary Food Chains, the hands that sort much of America’s food are themselves often forced to live hand-to-mouth due to exploitative policies established by businesses involved with commercial agriculture.

In an exclusive trailer for the film, Longoria joins Robert F. Kennedy Jr., fellow producer Eric Schlosser (Fast Food Nation), and other activists in arguing to stop the systemic (and sometimes physical) abuse of farm workers while securing their rights. Oscar winner Forest Whitaker narrates Food Chains, which hits theaters Nov. 21.

The film is intended to open moviegoers’ eyes to the human cost of harvesting our country’s abundant fields of fruits and vegetables, and to mobilize support among an ever-widening circle of consumers for the Fair Food Program as the most promising solution to ending the mistreatment of farmworkers from Florida to California.

“Food Chains” is being distributed by Screen Media and will be shown in at least 10 cities nationwide on November 21st, with likely expansion to more depending on ticket sales, according to the film’s director, Sanjay Rawal.  It will also be available on-demand in theaters in other markets – meaning people in smaller markets can gather a group and demand that the film be shown at a theater near them.  For more info on how to become a theatrical-on-demand screening captain and organize a screening, you can email the producers at foodchainsfilm@gmail.com.

With the Fair Food Program entering its fourth season in full effect across the Florida tomato industry, the release of “Food Chains,” the student-led “Boot the Braids” campaign at Wendy’s restaurants around the country, and the imminent expansion of the FFP outside of Florida and beyond tomatoes, this fall is shaping up to be a pivotal moment in the history of the Fair Food movement.  Be sure to check back soon for all the latest news from the Fair Food front!