The sequel to “Food Chains” — Fair Food Standards Council Executive Director talks about “the story unfolding in the fields today”…

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Judge Laura Safer Espinoza: “It’s a wonderful story.  It’s the story of a new day, and it’s a new day born of partnership.”

Judge Laura Safer Espinoza is not a person you will hear talking with the press or making many public speeches.  In fact, very few people (outside of New York, where she served on the bench as a State Supreme Court judge for twenty years) even know her name.  That’s because she is the Executive Director of the Fair Food Standards Council, the organization that monitors and enforces the human rights standards of the CIW’s Fair Food Program, and that job is a grind — a painstaking, morning-to-night, seven-days-a-week grind.  Her schedule doesn’t leave a lot of time for public speaking.

But, when she does speak, it’s a good idea to listen.  And following last month’s New York City premiere of “Food Chains,” Judge Safer Espinoza joined a panel at the Ford Foundation with “Food Chains” director Sanjay Rawal, the film’s executive producer Eva Longoria, and the CIW’s Gerardo Reyes.  During her presentation, ahead of the Q&A, Judge Safer Espinoza spoke about the Fair Food Program (FFP) from the perspective of the Fair Food Standards Council, from her thoughts on the roots of the FFP to a discussion of the monitoring and enforcement structures and the results of the FFP’s first three seasons.  It is a compelling five minutes of video, and we have included it here above.

So, for an insider’s view on the Fair Food Program, take five minutes to check out the video at the top of this post.  And for a really deep dive into the FFP and its results, click here to download the Fair Food Standards Council’s 2014 Annual Report.