Watch out, Wendy’s! #BootTheBraids “Food Chains” tour hits the road…

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Students throughout the Midwest, Northeast readying to Boot the Braids!   

Hot on the heels of an exciting first month of the new year for the Fair Food Program (January began with the announcement of the newest Fair Food Agreement and ended with the CIW receiving a presidential medal for its efforts to combat modern-day slavery), the Campaign for Fair Food is hitting the ground running this February!  

Earlier this week, the Student/Farmworker Alliance launched a tour across the Midwest and Northeast to call out Wendy’s, the final fast food hold out, for refusing to join the Fair Food Program.  And the Immokalee crew won’t be doing it alone.  They will be joined by committed student allies from across the country in sending Wendy’s a ringing message:  The burger chain is welcome on campus only if they respect the farmworkers who harvest their tomatoes.

Straight from the source, here’s the tour’s announcement from the Student/Farmworker Alliance:

YecBtB-199x300Over the past month, students at Wendy’s schools from Ohio State to Rutgers to the University of Michigan have been laying the groundwork for presentations, administration meetings, student gatherings, delegations, actions, and — of course — Food Chains screenings in preparation for the arrival of the Immokalee caravan.

This month’s tour keeps “Boot the Braids” front and center as the Wendy’s campaign surges forward two years after launch. 

Over the next two weeks, SFA and CIW will be building and strengthening a base of student power, meeting and reuniting with campus communities who are organized, strategic, and relentless in their demand for Fair Food at Wendy’s. As this foundation is fortified, Boot the Braids is poised to continue escalating and — with the full-fledged backing of CIW and more than a decade of history attesting to the efficacy of student organizing in the Campaign for Fair Food — transform the face of the Wendy’s campaign campus by campus.

Check out the list of public events below, and come back soon as we continue to update the details. Don’t forget to follow us on social media for #BootTheBraids updates from the road, and be sure to return here to the SFA site for regular check-ins as we make our way around the country…

You can find the full tour schedule and hot-off-the-press updates over at the SFA website!  And don’t forget to follow the tour live on social media by tracking the #BootTheBraids hashtag…

And with that — let the tour begin!