NEW VIDEO: How much longer, Publix…

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Amidst the stunning artwork and irresistible dance music, the Concert and Parade for Fair Food this past Saturday in St. Petersburg had a powerful new message for the food industry: The Fair Food Nation is not only here, but it is here to stay, and it is growing.  

Last Saturday, thousands of new Fair Food allies came into the fold, joining the CIW’s celebration of the progress in Florida’s tomato fields under the Fair Food Program — the elimination of forced labor, the unprecedented strides in combatting sexual violence, the freedom to speak up about abuse without fear of retaliation, and much more.

In the same afternoon, however, those gathered turned from the bright future of Fair Food to the companies who remain stubbornly rooted in the past, standing on the wrong side of history — first among them, Publix.  We’ve put together a short piece from Saturday’s festivities, to be shared far and wide, so that the call for Publix to join the Fair Food Program may reverberate far beyond the streets of St. Pete and the Concert for Fair Food.  So take a moment today to check out the video yourself, and then send it out to all of your networks!