BREAKING NEWS: Compass Group pledges to double down on Fair Food commitment!

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World’s largest contract foodservice company releases new Sustainability Platform, promises to “extend the (Fair Food) code of conduct and premium to crops other than tomatoes and beyond Florida”… 

In a surprise move that promises to extend the benefits of the award-winning Fair Food Program to thousands of more farmworkers, Compass Group released yesterday “its new Sustainability Platform which advances its efforts to better protect and manage our food sources and the people who harvest and grow those sources.”  As part of this new initiative, Compass is committing to expand its partnership with the CIW well beyond the boundaries of the Florida tomato industry, and to complete that expansion by 2020.  Compass Group has been an FFP partner since 2009 and is the largest contract foodservice company in the world, serving over 4 billion meals a year in locations ranging from university campuses to museums and hospitals. 

Here is the section from Compass’ new Sustainability Platform pertaining to the Fair Food Program:


This is a truly exciting new development, and one that is sure to have reverberations well beyond Compass’ supply chain as the proven success of the Fair Food Program continues to drive its expansion to new crops and new states.  With Walmart and Compass now officially on board supporting that expansion, the next phase in the development of the groundbreaking program is poised for launch.

Stay tuned for more as the details of Compass’ promising new initiative continue to take shape!