ACTION ALERT! Student / Farmworker Alliance calls on network for Wendy’s Week of Action!


Students to “school Wendy’s on the many ways the fast-food joint has failed to make the grade”…

With the academic year now in full swing — and in the wake of the energizing 2015 Encuentro — the Student / Farmworker Alliance is kicking off the school season with its first national Week of Action!  Next week, from Sunday, September 27th to Sunday, October 4th, the SFA is calling on the Alliance for Fair Food network — students and Fair Food allies of all stripes alike — to take action at Wendy’s stores across the country.

Straight from the young women and men of the SFA network, here is the call to action:


Farmworkers and allies have been inviting Wendy’s for years to become part of the solution to farmworker exploitation — yet Wendy’s still hasn’t joined, despite countless community marches and pickets, an ongoing Boot the Braids campaign to end university ties with Wendy’s, and the growing national student boycott of Wendy’s.  

As we enter the fall season, the Student/Farmworker Alliance is calling on the entire Fair Food Nation to take action from Sept. 27 – Oct. 4 at local Wendy’s establishments!

As the summer draws to a close,  join us as we keep the heat on Wendy’s, organizing pickets, theater pieces, marches and more within our communities, universities, Fair Food Groups or congregations.  As students continue to build the national student boycott of Wendy’s, the Fair Food Nation will be “Schooling Wendy’s” on the many ways the fast food joint has failed to make the grade: ensuring dignified wages and working conditions, preventing violence and forced labor, and respecting workers’ voices, just to name a few.

So far, nearly twenty cities, from St. Petersburg, Florida to Denver, Colorado, have answered the call — and counting!  


UT Austin
SUNY Stony Brook
University of Louisville
Brown University
UMass Amherst
New College of Florida
University of Michigan
Ohio State University
Barry University
Manhattanville College
University of Florida

[/ezcol_1half] [ezcol_1half_end]CITIES:

San Diego, CA
Denver, CO
Washington DC

Clearwater, FL
Orlando, FL
St. Pete, FL

Chicago, IL
New York, NY[/ezcol_1half_end]

So make sure your city is on the list, and check out SFA’s Schooling Wendy’s Week of Action resources for creative ideas, manager letters, and more.  For more details, get in touch with the Alliance for Fair Food at or 239-657-8311.