TOMORROW: Give Wendy’s Board Chairman Nelson Peltz a buzz!

CIW members, Fair Food allies outside the office of Wendy's Board Chairman Nelson Peltz in New York City
CIW members, Fair Food allies outside the office of Wendy’s Board Chairman Nelson Peltz in New York City last December.

CALL TO ACTION:  National call-in to Wendy’s leadership set for Wednesday, Jan. 27th…

Five weeks out from the Workers’ Voice Tour, the Fair Food Nation is already turning up the heat on Wendy’s! 

The ramp-up is in full swing.  Farmworkers are filling the streets of Immokalee and the CIW community center with theater pieces, colorful posters and radio PSAs.  CIW members and Alliance for Fair Food staff are en route to cities across the country, ready to spend the next month mobilizing for the upcoming tour.  And consumer allies from Florida to Ohio and New York are readying to turn the full force of the Fair Food Nation on Wendy’s… Starting tomorrow! 

To cut right to the chase, here’s the full story from the Alliance for Fair Food on tomorrow’s call-in action to Wendy’s Board Chairman Nelson Peltz:

Join the Fair Food Nation on Jan. 27 for a call-in day to the offices of Nelson Peltz, Wendy’s Board Chairman and major shareholder, to let him know time is up – and his company’s participation in the Fair Food Program is long overdue!  In addition to being among Wendy’s top leadership, Peltz is the CEO of Trian Partners investment firm, the restaurant’s largest shareholder.  Combined, Trian and Peltz hold close to a quarter of Wendy’s shares, exerting considerable power in the company’s decision-making.

Peltz has rejected farmworkers’ and consumers’ demands to bring Wendy’s to join the Fair Food Program, even after three years of escalation in the Wendy’s campaign: thousands of students taking action alongside farmworkers, student-led Boot the Braids campaigns on campuses throughout the country and a burgeoning national student boycott.  And on March 3, hundreds of farmworkers from Immokalee and allies will march on Peltz’s Trian offices in NYC to kick start the CIW’s Workers’ Voice Tour! With the tour just weeks away, let’s remind Peltz that the demand for justice will not stop until Wendy’s joins the Fair Food Program.

Take action with hundreds of students, people of faith and community members on Jan. 27 for a national call-in day to put the pressure on Peltz to push Wendy’s to sign a Fair Food Agreement with the CIW.  Below are the details and a suggested script – and let us know how it goes by submitting a report back to

Call-in Number: 212-451-3000

Suggested script:

Hi, my name is __________  and I would like to leave a message for Nelson Peltz.

As an ally of the Coalition of Immokalee Workers, I want to remind Mr. Peltz that it is time to take responsibility for farmworkers’ human rights in Wendy’s supply chain, and join the Fair Food Program. The CIW’s Fair Food Program is ensuring never-before-seen rights for farmworkers in Florida’s tomato fields and beyond, and, students nationwide are boycotting Wendy’s due to their refusal to get with the Program!

After a three-year long campaign, CIW will be embarking this March on the Workers’ Voice Tour to let Wendy’s know that they must respect workers’ voices – and the first stop will be a powerful march outside of your offices on March 3.

Thank you for relaying this message.

Make sure to make your call to Nelson Peltz’s offices tomorrow — and don’t forget to let us know how it went!