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The 2015 Fair Food Program Annual Report is here!  Download yours today…

It’s that time of year, again, when the Fair Food Standards Council publishes its annual report on the state of the Fair Food Program.  The report is an exceptional source of data and analysis of the unprecedented changes underway — and the many challenges still ahead — in the fields where the Fair Food Program has been in effect since January, 2011.   

From the preamble to this year’s report:

(The 2015 report) includes an assessment of the Program’s first four years of implementation in the Florida tomato industry as well as the inaugural season of Program expansion to Florida-based growers’ tomato operations in Georgia, North and South Carolina, Virginia, Maryland and New Jersey. The reporting period begins on September 1, 2014 and runs through October 14, 2015. This report contains many important updates to last year’s report, while also providing key contextual information on the origins, objectives and structure of the Program.

The report breaks the Fair Food Program down into its constituent standards and catalogs the outcomes, through both quantitative and qualitative measures, within each standard.  It also provides valuable metadata analysis of the performance of the Fair Food Program along several broader dimensions.  Here below, for example, is a table from the report demonstrating the remarkable efficiency of the FFP’s Complaint Resolution process, with a large majority of complaints resolved within two weeks of the receipt of the complaint, and almost 80% resolved in under one month:


If you’re the kind of person who values concrete, measurable social change, be sure to download your copy of the report here today.

The report was launched with an event this past Thursday at the New York offices of the NoVo Foundation, a key partner in the Fair Food Program and a leader in the fight to end violence against women and girls around the globe.  The standing-room-only event featured a stellar line-up (pictured below) of leaders in the field of Worker-driven Social Responsibility, academics, journalists, and human rights activists.

Panel participants address the gathering a last week’s launch of the 2015 Annual Report.  Pictured from left to right are Jennifer Gordon (professor of law, Fordham University), Nancy Gagliardi (, Abel Luna (Migrant Justice, Vermont), Greg Asbed and Gerardo Reyes (CIW), Cathy Albisa (National Economic and Social Rights Initiative), Michele Lord (NEO Philanthropy), Judge Laura Safer Espinoza (FFSC), Linda Seabrook (Futures Without Violence), Greg Regaignon (Business and Human Rights Resource Centre), Scott Nova (Workers Rights Consortium), Sean Sellers (FFSC).  Not pictured is Daria Caliguire (The SAGE Fund).

The in-depth discussion, beyond drawing a packed audience in person, also sparked discussion outside of the New York venue.  Attendees weighed in on Twitter, including Food Chains Director Sanjay Rawal…

… and the Foundation for a Just Society, another key partner in the Fair Food Program:

Download a copy of the 2015 report today!